10 Winter Essentials Every Parent Should Have In Their Home

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Living in Oklahoma most of my life, I didn’t really have to deal with too many harsh winters. Of course we had our fair share of cold mornings and snow storms, but truthfully, they either didn’t last long or we went years in between.

After moving to Indiana over 5 years ago, we have seen more snow and lower temperatures than I care to count. Our very first winter in Indiana, we nearly froze to death and had an electric bill to prove it!

With a simple trip to the store and a quick peek around the house you should have what you need on hand. But just in case, here are the 10 winter essentials we keep in our home to make those winter months more bearable. #winter #parents #family #home

While I love wearing my winter boots or curling up inside with a warm blanket and my fuzzy socks, winter is not my favorite season. It’s cold outside and the shorter days can make those chilly days feel miserable and depressing. However, they don’t have to be!

With a simple trip to the store and a quick peek around the house you should have what you need on hand. But just in case, here are the 10 winter essentials we keep in our home to make those winter months more bearable.

A well-stocked pantry

During the fall months, start stocking up on the things your family eats all the time. From snacks to staples, these goodies are going to be a lifesaver in the winter months! If it snows, or you just don’t want to lug a bunch of groceries around in the cold, you will have a stocked pantry to help you save money and go to the store less.

Freezer meals

A cold never hits at the most ideal time, and during the winter months, we are all more likely to get sick. Start double batching your recipes early so if you do fall sick, you can easily have your husband or one of your older kids take care of dinner until you feel better.


There is something so comforting about a delicious bowl of soup in the winter months! This might sound like a silly essential now, but when the first kid falls sick or you need a quick dinner, having soup on hand can save the day!

Hot beverages

Whether you’re a tea drinker, hot chocolate lover, or coffee enthusiast, having these hot beverages on hand for your family during the winter months is going to be a lifesaver. Not only will it help you warm up after a day outside, but it can also be a fun way to enjoy the colder season.

Great lighting

If your home doesn’t have great lighting, you may want to look into adding a little more light this winter. The winter months can be very dark, as the sun sets earlier and rises later. This means that if you don’t have good lighting in your home, you could be spending most of your day in the dark.

Blankets and throws

It gets cold in the winter, of course, but having those extra blankets aren’t just for snuggling. If the power goes out, these blankets could be the very thing keeping you warm until it comes back on. Plus a few extra blankets can help keep the heating bill down too!

Fuzzy socks

If fuzzy socks aren’t your cup of tea, any warm sock will do the trick! The goal here is to keep your feet warm. Even when you are in the house, having your feet exposed can cause you to catch a cold.


Books are always wonderful to have on hand during the winter months, especially on those cold winter nights! Grab your warm fuzzy socks, your nice cozy blanket and a hot beverage so you can read by the fire.


Whether you are creating your own games or playing board games, these are going to be great boredom buster ideas and family night activities during the winter. Keep a few fun games on hand for the winter months to keep your kids busy when it’s too cold to go outside.

Cold and flu remedies

You don’t want to wait until 1 am to realize you don’t have any winter remedies in the house! Start stocking up early so you are ready for any illness that comes your way. We rarely use medicine these days but rely more on essential oils to help boost our immune systems. Some of our favorite winter oils are Peppermint, Orange, Lemon and this Immune Strength Blend.

Winter doesn’t have to be a miserable few months. And if you have these 10 essentials on hand, you’ll never catch yourself unprepared this winter.

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