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I know the outline said today was for the book resources, but I have a FUN giveaway to end the series tomorrow – so I’m saving the books until then. I hope you don’t mind!!! As I mentioned, this is in conclusion to our 14 Days of Improving Your Marriage series. If you missed any posts in this series, you can catch up on them here. While I addressed several big issues in this series that many marriages face, I am no expert. In fact, in the grand scheme of things I am just a baby in marriage myself. So I thought I would gather and give you all some helpful marriage blog resources for you all.

30 blogs that will encourage your marriage



These blogs are written mostly by women and men and deal with marriage issues both general and specific. I subscribe to most of these and have read through all of them. They are wonderful resources and have a wealth of information and knowledge, as they have all been married longer than I have. I am so encouraged when I read them and I hope you will be too.

Fireproof My Marriage is more of site than a blog, which stems from the popular movie, Fireproof. The site offers other resources, study guides, helpful articles, event details and phone helplines for people who need to talk to someone. This is one of our favorite marriage movies to watch together.

To Love, Honor and Vacuum is written primarily Sheila Gregoire. While she deals with a lot of issues regarding wives, she does hit on hot topics for couples. Having traversed some rough years in her marriage, she is committed to helping marriages succeed. And she does it with some humor from a biblical point-of-view. It’s a great blog to have in your daily reading!!

Hot, Holy and Humorous: Sex & Marriage by God’s Design is a new-to-me blog that I found through To Love, Honor and Vacuum. While I haven’t had the time to read through all the posts on this blog, the ones I have read are wonderful. He approaches sex in marriage from a biblical point-of-view with a lot of humor added in. He’s honest and upfront about issues that can plague marriages. And that I appreciate.

One Flesh Marriage is written by Brad & Kate. They began their blog after the Holy Spirit tugged their hearts to share what they had learned through some difficult times in their marriage. I love their no-holds-bar approach to married life and their desire for Christian marriages to thrive. Right now they are hosting a 10-Day Challenge that started back on February 5th, but it’s not too late to join in!!! Get started with their first day’s post here.

A Biblical Marriage is written by married couple Jason and Jami. Although they are a young married couple, they are wise in God’s Word and strive to see marriages thrive with Christ as the center. They discuss a number of topics related to marriage including finances, conflict resolution, date ideas and more.

Intentionally Yours is written by Rick & Beverly Weeks and Scott & Sherry Jennings and a host of other contributors. They write about real life in marriage, but have a goal for sharing God’s truth, hope and vision for marriage. They are passionate about sharing God’s will for marriages, so that others may come to Him. Pulling from their own experiences, this team deals with difficult subjects in a biblical and delicate manner that keeps you coming back for more.


These blogs are written by women, for women. While there are a ton of blogs that deal with wives and marriage, these are my Top 10 recommendations. And believe me…it was not easy to narrow it down to these! NOTE: These are not in any particular order. I am not ranking them in any way. They are all equally fabulous!!

Women Living Well is written by Courtney Joseph and a team of wonderful contributors. I have subscribed to WLW for several years now and absolutely enjoy the encouragement and challenges I get when I read it. These women are real and transparent about God’s work in their lives, which they passionately share with their readers.

Good Morning Girls is also written by an amazing group of contributors. I like this blog, because they have such a wonderful online community of women who are inspiring and encouraging. They also offer online Bible studies that you can join throughout the year, which gives you both accountability and encouragement.

Time-Warp Wife is written by Darlene Schacht and a team of beautiful contributors. These women are beautiful inside and out!! They write about practices in wives that go against-the-flow in today’s society. Their real-life experiences coupled with their desire to surrender to the Lord in every aspect of their lives is what makes this blog worth reading!

The Busy Mom was started by Heidi St. John and now has a team of contributors as well. While “Mom” is in the title, this blog also deals with marriage issues not related to being a mom. I thoroughly enjoy the insight and truthfulness from these ladies. They are so real in their struggles of marriage and motherhood, that their posts really resonate with me.

The Better Mom was started by Ruth Schwenk. Ruth and the other contributors are not just content being moms. They want to be better moms, with the help of God. By drawing on personal experience and the leading of God in their lives, these women share what God is teaching them to be a better mom.

Unveiled Wife is an incredible community of wives from all over the world, cheering one another along through the struggles and highlights of marriage. Unveiled Wife offers you encouragement through devotionals, prayers and testimonies. I have found their posts to be uplifting and real, while challenging me to be better.

Happy Wives Club is written by Fawn, who is dedicated to changing the way the world sees the marriage relationship. She offers real world scenarios with practical advice from someone who loves every aspect of being a wife.

Rachel Wojnarowski or Rachel Wojo as she’s known (because no one can pronounce her last name) has a beautiful blog dedicated to inspire women to live out an extraordinary faith in Christ by providing everyday, real-life solutions. She is a talented writer that simply has a way with words and sharing the wisdom God has given her through her time spent with Him.

Young Wife’s Guide is written by Jami, who writes with her husband Jason at A Biblical Marriage. In this blog she focuses on Biblical Womanhood, homemaking, hospitality and marriage. As a young married woman, Jami’s perspective on marriage that I find both refreshing and encouraging. I only wish I had the wisdom she possesses when I was first married. Her blog is definitely not just for newlyweds.

Club 31 Women is written by Lisa Jacobson. She desires to share the ups and downs of marriage and motherhood with other women who have a love for both. Life is full of surprises and trials, but with God’s grace and our faith – we will persevere. Lisa offers heartfelt anecdotes that will lead you to a better relationship with Christ, a better marriage and being a better mom.


As I began to look for some wonderful blogs for just men, I realized there are not many. At least not many that I want my husband to read. And then I stumbled upon an older post by Sheila Gregoire at To Love, Honor and Vacuum and found she had already created a list. SCORE!! I read through the list and think it’s a fabulous one. So I thought why recreate it…I’ll just share it!! I hope you will take a few minutes to hop over and browse her list. It really is a great one!


What are your favorite marriage blogs? I would love to know!

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