20 Easy Ways to Have Fun Outdoors This Winter

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It is no secret that I am a home-body. I enjoy staying home in my comfy clothes. I am not, nor have I really ever been, a social person. It’s not that I don’t like people, but in all honesty, they stress me out.

I have never been good at small talk. I don’t drink. I have tons of food allergies that prevent me from eating at restaurants. I don’t like crude jokes or humor. I am very conservative in my taste of clothes, movies, television shows…and so going out in public gets more and difficult in this crazy world.

It is tempting to stay snuggled up inside where it’s warm during the cold, winter months. But, it is important to get outside, even when the skies are gray. These twenty ideas will not only get you outside, but also give you some fun this winter! #winter #outdoors #family #parents

But I also know that going out is good for me. I do not have many friends and the ones I do have either live hundreds of miles away or have kids and a tight budget like mine, which makes “going out” difficult.

However, it is important to get outside, even when the weather’s cold and the skies are gray and it is tempting to stay snuggled up inside where it’s warm. Not convinced? I’ve got you covered. Here are twenty ways you can get outside and have some fun this winter!

Go ice skating

Strap on a pair of skates and take a spin around an ice rink! Many cities set up temporary outdoor rinks in public spaces during the winter months, and they often only charge a few dollars for skate rentals, making it a fun and affordable way to enjoy the outdoors.

Go ice fishing

If you’ve got the equipment (or know someone who does!) and live near a frozen body of water, ice fishing can be a novel – albeit very, very cold – way to spend a chilly day.

Give snowmobiling a try

Feeling a little adventurous? Hop on a snowmobile and give it a spin. This speedy mode of transportation will have your adrenaline pumping in no time.

Visit the zoo

Zoos are still open during the winter, and they’re often less busy than they are during the warmer months. If the weather’s nice, plan a visit to your local zoo and see what the animals are up to! My hometown zoo also offers half-price entrance on days when the temperature is below a certain degree.

Go on a Snowshoe adventure

Find a snowy trail, strap on a pair of snowshoes, and go exploring! Snowshoeing can be a great way to get outdoors and experience higher peaks during the winter months.

Take a Hike

As long as there isn’t much snow on the ground, hiking can be a great way to have some fun outside. Strap on your hiking boots and hit the trails for a cardio workout and scenic tour of your area.

Enjoy a campfire

A chilly winter night can be the perfect time to light up a bonfire in your backyard. Snuggle up and make some s’mores beneath the starry sky for a night worth remembering.

Make a snowman

Once the snow settles on the ground, head outside and make a snowman! Find materials in the yard to form arms and facial features or get creative with craft supplies or other things you can find inside.

Go skiing

Athletic families around the world look forward to skiing during the winter months. Invest in a ski pass if you live within driving distance of the slopes to take full advantage of the season.

Check out a winter festival or outdoor market

While there are far more outdoor markets and festivals during the summer than the winter, you’re sure to find a few around the holidays – especially in cities with a large European presence. Bundle up and admire the crafts and delicious delights sold by local vendors.

Admire the holiday lights

One of the best parts of the holiday season is the appearance of holiday lights on trees and buildings all over town. Take the family on a drive to admire the most dazzling displays or explore well-decorated areas on foot. Many of them even have their lights on through New Years!

Have a snowball fight

Head outside after a decent snowfall and challenge the family to an old-fashioned snowball fight! Last one to get hit wins!

Build a snow fort

For a more strategic endeavor, recruit your family to work together to build a snow fort. Create compact bricks to stack for a surprisingly sturdy structure.

Go snow tubing

This fun winter activity is offered at many ski resorts. Ride the magic carpet up the hill, then settle in your tube and head on down. Be careful not to flip!

Take a dip in a hot tub

While hot tubs are a great way to relax year-round, they can be especially pleasant during the cold winter months. Take a soak outside during the evening for a nice way to end the day.

Go sledding

When snow blankets the ground, it’s the perfect time to go sledding! Climb to the top of the snowiest hill and launch yourself down. Of course, you should make sure you know where you’re going first!

Go dogsledding

If you live in a cold place, odds are there’s a place to go dogsledding in your area. This winter activity is often surprisingly pleasant for the pups in question, who enjoy nothing more than going for a run.

Learn to snowboard

Snowboarding can be an extremely fun way to spend time outside during the cooler months. If you live near a mountain, hit the slopes for an adrenaline rush you’ll be hard-pressed to find anywhere else!

Play (or watch) a game of hockey

Played on the ice, hockey makes the perfect winter sport. Gear up and give it your best shot, or just snag a few tickets for a local game and cheer your team to victory.

Try winter camping

If your family looks forward to camping each summer, why not try sleeping outdoors during the winter? As long as you plan your camping trip during a mild weekend and stock up on the right cold-weather gear, you’ll have a blast.

How do you like to get outside and enjoy the fresh air during the chillier months of the year? Leave a comment and share your favorite cold-weather activities!

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