2016 IAHE Speaker Highlight: Kathy Lee

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I am so excited for our state homeschool convention this year. I have tried to attend the past two years, but due to circumstances beyond my control I have not been able to attend…until this year. And I can. not. wait! The line up of main speakers is phenomenal – I mean, literally. If you live in Indiana and are a homeschooler or interested in homeschooling, you seriously don’t want to miss this convention.

There are so many wonderful speakers at the 2016 IAHE Homeschool Convention. Read more about Kathy Lee in my interview with her! :: www.inallyoudo.net

As a part of the IAHE (Indiana Association of Home Educators) Social Media team this year, I had the privilege of interviewing one of the workshop speakers and be able to introduce her to you all. Please welcome Kathy Lee!


           1. Tell us a little about yourself.
I often describe myself as an imperfect person who loves to share her passion for preschoolers, adoption, and motherhood. I am a #fakesupermom for sure. I love the outdoors, sunsets, horses, being silly with my kids, water, encouraging others, dreaming, running, hiking, playing tennis, drinking coffee on my porch, and journaling. 

           2. Tell us a little about your family.
I am the blessed mom of ten kids! Seven of my kids are adopted (both domestically and internationally). Two are biological and number 10 is a precious daughter- in- law who is expecting TWIN boys in June. YEP, I am going to be a grandmother. 🙂


3. What is your blog name? ​
I have two blogs, kathyhlee.com and thehomegrownpreschooler.com

           4. What topics do you cover on your blog?
I blog about motherhood, preschoolers, health, and adoption.

           5. What was the best advice you received as a beginning homeschooler?
I attended a Sally Clarkson conference during my early homeschooling years. Sally focused on the relationship with her children above all else. That has been my goal. At the end of the day, I want my kids to know that I am FOR them, no matter if we had a great day or a terrible day. I want them to know that our relationship is more important than school.

           6. What was the worst advice you received as a beginning homeschooler?
The worst advice I received was from a well meaning person who believed they had the formula for successful homeschooling. They basically said, follow these rules and you will create a perfect adult. I decided that when I was perfect, I could expect my kids to be perfect. I am FAR from perfect. 🙂

           7. What topics will you be addressing at the convention?
I am so excited to be sharing my love for early learning at the convention this year. I will share about the importance of play for brain development. I will share what I believe helps children fall in love with language and reading. I will also share my passion for helping our children become lifelong learners! It is going to be fun!!

          8. What advice would you give those wanting to teach preschool at home?
That they can and should do it! When I travel the country and train preschool teachers, I often tell them how important it is to create a home like environment in their preschools. Well, parents already have that, so they are immediately at an advantage. 🙂 Seriously, the most natural way for a preschooler to learn is through real, home life experiences.

          9. What encouragement would you give to those homeschooling preschoolers? At a conference I recently spoke at, a mother shared that parenting preschoolers was intense. I laughed and completely agreed. It is intense, but well worth it. ​​If you take the few minutes necessary to facilitate a quality environment for your little ones, they will do most of the work. Children get one chance at childhood and we have the privilege of helping them make it count! 

         10. What encouragement would you give those struggling with Language Arts?
I believe reading is very similar to potty training. You can buy a child their favorite underwear, have them target practice at cheerios, and bribe them with candy. However, until a child body and brain are developmentally ready to potty train there isn’t much you can do. I encourage parents to take a deep breath and enjoy building their child’s vocabulary, reading aloud to them, introducing them to beautiful books, reading about their child’s favorite subject, mixing sensory activities with language arts activities, and inviting your child to journal and create stories. All of these things helps your child understand that words have power and meaning. This will create a strong foundation and a love for reading when their body and brain is ready.

I cannot wait to meet Kathy and sit in on at least one of her sessions at the IAHE convention later this month. If you’re not registered for IAHE, you still have time! Go here to register now!
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