3 Reasons Your Middle & High Schooler Needs their Own Planner

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If you’ve been around here for any time at all, you know I love being a planner. I love having things set and organized. I like having a plan and following it. Now, it doesn’t always work that way, but it at least gives me guidelines to work toward. That’s why I love using a planner with my middle schooler.

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Helps foster independence

It may seem strange to have your children track their own assignments, especially if you use a planner yourself. But having your middle or high schooler use a planner will help them learn independence. By having them write down their own assignments and keep track of them, they will learn how to take charge of their own schooling and education.

They learn Time Management

Time Management is probably the biggest issue I see not only in my own children, but those I tutored throughout college. Heck…I still struggle with it at times, so I want to encourage healthy habits and time management skills in my children. How does that work? Well, because they are writing down their own assignments, they know what is due and what is coming due. That means they can learn to plan ahead, so they do not learn a pattern of procrastination. 

Prepares them for the Future

While learning how to be more independent in their studies and more pro-active in their time management, they will become more prepared for the future. All jobs, even ones where they work for themselves, have deadlines. And most jobs rely on a person to be self-sufficient and independent, meaning they are self-starters and self-motivating.

If your middle and high schooler can learn these three things, they will be well on their way to being successful both in college and in their future careers.

Download Your Planner Today

Last year I released my first Middle & High School Planner. It is a compilation of several we had used with our oldest and I wanted everything we needed in one place. This year, I have updated the calendars and made two different styles – one for boys and one for girls.

These Homeschool Planners are perfect for Middle & High Schoolers. It includes 56 pages to help them track assignments, attendance and plan out curriculum. It also includes several different calendar styles as well as field trip trackers, reading list and book report planner pages and more!

To download the Middle & High School Homeschool Planner, simply add it to your cart, then checkout. Upon checkout, you will be added to my Weekly Newsletter list. You may unsubscribe at any time.

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