30 Days of Bible 2016

Join us in June for 30 Days of Bible! 30 posts from 18 different bloggers, sharing what God has laid on their hearts! Plus FOUR BIG Giveaways!! :: www.inallyoudo.net


Last years series was a big success, so we are doing another one! I am so excited about the 17 other ladies the Lord has brought to the series this year. I know you will be blessed by them and what the Lord has placed on their heart to share. The series will run June 1-30, 2016. If you don’t want to miss a post, be sure to subscribe to In All You Do via email. But don’t worry…if you miss a post, I will be posting them here as well.

What you can expect in this series

God has brought together 27 amazing bloggers for this monthly series. Each day they will share their heart for the Bible with you. From encouragement to teaching tips and ideas to printables, you are sure to be blessed through this series!

Be sure to follow me on Pinterest to keep up with all the latest posts here at In All You Do. You might also want to follow my Homeschool: Bible, Parenting and the Parenting for Jesus boards as well. And don’t forget to follow along on Facebook to see more great ideas! If you’re on Twitter, I’d love to connect with you there as well. Use #30DaysBible and #familyBible to follow along and keep up with everything.

Daily Post Links:

1 – Opening & Giveaways

2 – Jonah & the Whale Fun Pack

3 – Preparing Your Family for Spiritual Battle

4 – Teaching Children to Take Sermon Notes

5 – The Gospel in Action

6 – 5 Reasons We Don’t Read the Bible to Our Kids

7 – How Memorizing Scripture Can Impact Your Child’s Life

8 – Making Devos Part of Your Homeschool Day

9 – Parables of the Bible Fun Pack

10 – How to Make Your Daily Devotions a Work of Art

11 – Teaching Children to Write Scripture

12 – Multi-Sensory Bible Lessons for Kids with Special Needs

13 – 9 Fun Ideas for Family Devotions

14 – Why Bible Class is Important in Your Homeschool

15 – Hide HIS Word in Their Hearts

16 – Using Prayer to Strengthen Your Bible 

17 – 5 Steps for Creating a Bible Study System that Works

18 – Journaling & Doodling Bible Studies

19 – Teaching with a Biblical Worldview

20 – Finding Those Teachable Moments

21 – Training Your Chidlren to Have their Own Quiet  Time

22 – Filling Their Water Pot with Water

23 – 12 Bible Characters Notebooking Pages

24 – Practical Witnessing for the Family

25 – Using Songs to Teach Your Little Ones

26 – Drawing & Doodling through the Bible

27 – Teaching Biblical Character through Storybooks

28 – Our Favorite Resources for Teaching God’s Word to Preschoolers

29 – Our Favorite Bible-based Curriculum

30 – 12 MORE Bible Characters Notebooking Pages

Don’t forget to enter one, two or ALL of this month’s giveaways! 


  • Giveaways will run June 1-30, 2016, ending 11:59pm EST.
  • Winners will be chosen and notified by Tuesday, July 5, 2016.
  • Each winner will have 72 hours to respond or a new winner will be chosen.
  • You may enter more than one giveaway, but you will only be allowed to win once.


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