30 Days of Bible 2015

A new 31-day series coming to you June 1-30, 2015!! 30 different ideas in 30 days to help and encourage you in your Bible teachings at home. :: www.inallyoudo.net


This is the first, hopefully annual, 31 Days of Bible series. I am so excited about the ladies the Lord has brought to this series. I know you will be blessed by them and what the Lord has placed on their heart to share. The series will run June 1-30, 2015. If you don’t want to miss a post, be sure to subscribe to In All You Do via email. But don’t worry…if you miss a post, I will be posting them here as well.

What you can expect in this series

God has brought together 27 amazing bloggers for this monthly series. Each day they will share their heart for the Bible with you. From encouragement to teaching tips and ideas to printables, you are sure to be blessed through this series! Here is just a sampling of some of the posts you will see in this series:

  • Bible themed printables from In All You Do
  • Memorizing Scripture
  • Tools for Teaching Toddlers God’s Word
  • Journaling through the Bible
  • Women of Faith
  • Home Education in Scripture
  • Applying God’s Word by Serving as a Family
  • Using Scripture to Teach our Children Hospitality
  • Teaching Theology to Young Children
  • Simple Tips for Praying the Scriptures as a Family
  • Family Mission Statements Grounded in Scripture
  • Teaching Bible Word Study to Kids

Be sure to follow me on Pinterest to keep up with all the latest posts here at In All You Do. You might also want to follow my Homeschool: Bible, Parenting and the Parenting for Jesus boards as well. And don’t forget to follow along on Facebook to see more great ideas! If you’re on Twitter, I’d love to connect with you there as well. Use #30DaysBible and #familyBible to follow along and keep up with everything.

Daily Post Links:

1 – Fostering a Love of God’s Word

2 – Slow Down for God’s Word in the Morning

3 – Nourishment in God’s Word

4 – Journaling through the Bible

5 – Moravian Daily Texts

6 – Simply Bible Reading

7 – Homeschool IN the Bible

8 – Tools for Teaching Toddlers God’s Word

9 – 5 ways to Fit God’s Word in to Life with Toddlers and Preschoolers

10 – Teaching the Bible through Sensory Bins

11 – How we Memorize Scripture

12 – Why every Child should Memorize Philippians 2

13 – Teaching the Bible through History and Geography

14 – Using Object Lessons to Teach God’s Truth

15 – Using Scripture to Teach Kids Hospitality

16 – Teaching Theology to Young Children

17 – Creating a Special Prayer Place for Kids

18 – 5 Tips for Praying the Scripture for & as a Family

19 – Discipline with the Bible

20 – Meditate on Scripture All Day

21 – Teaching Bible Word Study to Kids

22 – Showing Christ through our Marriage

23 – Changing your Heart

24 – Passing on our Faith through Teachable Moments

25 – As You Think, So You Are

26 – Let’s Get to Work! Serving as a Family

27 – Living it Out

28 – 3 Key Components to Speaking Life

29 – How to write a  Family Mission Statement Grounded in Scripture

30 – Sheep are Dumb…Give yourself Grace

I am SO excited to offer this FUN printable set to you all! This printable includes one quote from each post in this 30 Days series on a beautiful background. This printable is a PDF file, that can be easily downloaded and printed from your home computer.

30 days pinnable

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