5th Grade Curriculum choices

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Welcome to Day TWO of the Back to Homeschool Blog Hop. If you missed yesterdays post about our New Space, New School, you might want to catch up with that first. I get asked quite often what curriculum we use, so I wanted to share with you our 5th Grade Curriculum choices today. Come back tomorrow for our Preschool and K-1 curriculum choices.

Ever wonder if homeschooling parents change curriculum and why? Well, our 5th grade year is full of changes! Find out what we're using this year! :: www.inallyoudo.net

A few weeks ago I was able to find this SUPER CUTE First Day of School Chalkboard in the Target Dollar Spot! SCORE! I couldn’t wait to take our pictures this year and write all the kids’ information in them. Here is our 5th grader – Mister Bull.

Ever wonder if homeschooling parents change curriculum and why? Well, our 5th grade year is full of changes! Find out what we're using this year! :: www.inallyoudo.net

As we begin our sixth year of homeschooling, our choices are a little different and might seem like a lot, but because of the new format we plan to follow, I think it will all work out well. We might even have to add some things as we go along, depending on what rabbit trails our learning and curiosity takes us down.


Developing a Quiet Time – We have a new philosophy and schedule this year with Bible. He has always been required to read his Bible before other schoolwork and/or games, etc. But, this year I’m adopting the saying from a friend of mine, Bible before Breakfast. That way…it’s sure to get done! Hopefully this new ebook, from Not Consumed, to help him stay focused.

Daily Bible Reading – Every day, he is required to read one Old Testament chapter and one New Testament chapter. He started in Genesis 1 and Matthew 1 and then continues reading each day. We do allow him to take weekends off, so this is his reading schedule Monday – Friday. He is allowed to read these by himself, but we do ask him questions to ensure he not only read it, but understands it.

Write through the Bible – I love this curriculum from Intoxicated on Life. We have used several sets of it over the past few years and it is just simply wonderful. We will be working through Philippians 2 this year. We will also be using the companion Family Bible Study, The Heart of Humility to go through as a family devotional in the evenings.

My Brother’s Keeper – Another wonderful resource from Not Consumed is this FANTASTIC Bible study for siblings. Lately the sibling rivalry and squabbles have been escalating to a whole new level that makes me want to run and scream. Neither of which are healthy or a good option. So we will be starting this study together in the mornings and working hard to overcome these temptations as they arise during the day.


Teaching Textbooks 6 – This is our first year to use this curriculum and I am so excited!! Math is usually a struggle with Mister Bull, but when we tested out this curriculum online last year, he flew right through it without complaint! THAT is a WIN in my book! I also like that it is done on the computer and is self-grading so that I don’t have to keep up with papers that seem to get lost all year long.


Now, I have to admit this is one subject that is not set in stone as we are using a delight-directed, child-led, unit study approach. However, there is one publisher we love, so those books are on our shelf ready to be used when needed.

Zoology 1: Flying Creatures & Zoology 2: Swimming Creatures – The Young Explorer Series by Apologia is by far our favorite Science curriculum. We do utilize the Notebooking Journals they have and it seems to work well. It will be interesting to see how that goes with our unit study approach this year. Yesterday we had a craft day at the library for Seahorses, so we decided to study all about seahorses during the school day. The kids absolutely loved it!


Mostly we will be using the unit study approach for this subject and covering it when it pertains to our topic. We do have Mystery of History, Vol. 1 (which you can now get on Kindle!!) and might try it after we settle into more of a routine. It takes a lot of prep work and isn’t always easy for the little ones to follow along. However, I do love the flow of it.

Liberty Kids – Last year I obtained the Liberty Kids video series and I can’t wait to get started with them! My plan is to make some Question & Answer sheets, review sheets and report sheets to go along with them. I would also like to find some coloring sheets for the younger kids as we review what the videos talked about.


Globalmania – This is a totally FREE curriculum from Knowledge Quest. We have done minimal geography up to this point, so I thought this would be a great way to get started. It is a FUN and easy way to learn geography in 7-months or less! Mister Bull loves maps and knows about them, but we haven’t concentrated on countries yet, so I’m excited to get this started.

Geography in the Kitchen – This is an on-going project I am working on, so there will be more on it in the future. But, basically we will be learning about the countries from Globalmania as we cook some of their signature meals in the kitchen. Just another way to help them remember what we are learning about.

Language Arts

Jump In – This is another new curriculum we’re using this year. While Mister Bull can write full sentences and does quite well, he is not doing so hot at his creative writing. However, I know his imagination is always working because of the games he plays outside when he has free time. So, I needed a way to help us move that to our papers. I am hoping this will help get us started!

Spelling & Handwriting

A Reason for Spelling E – I absolutely love this curriculum. Not only is it Bible based, but the lessons are quick and easy, which we like. I like that they do a review lesson after 6 lessons, so it requires them to remember what they learned, not just dump it after the tests.

A Reason for Handwriting E – Again, this is a Bible based curriculum and we love it. This is a cursive handwriting curriculum that uses words in a given verse each week to help kids practice handwriting. There are 4 daily practices and then on the 5th day they can write the verse on a blank page provided in the back. The blank page also has a picture to color so the student can give it to a friend, neighbor or someone they feel needs it. I love this process of teaching them to share God’s Word.



Foreign Language

American Sign Language for Kids – I love sign language, but I am not proficient. So the kids and I will be using this fun DVD to help refresh my memory and teach them some sign language as part of their foreign language learning.

It is possible that we will choose another foreign language to study, but that will come as we get more settled in to a routine and see how the days are going. I don’t want to add too much to his day that he has no free time. Our other options include – Greek and Spanish.


Mike’s Inspiration Station – We have had this for several years, but never used it. Well, this year is the year. We will be breaking out the DVD’s once a week for Mister Bull to work on his art skills. I’m excited to see what he likes and dislikes and what skills he really develops.

Physical Education

Now that we live in the country, we have several options for Physical Education to take place. Some days we have lots of recess time to run off that excess energy and other days we might have structured activities. Mister Bull and I are also training for a 5K race coming up in October, so that is included in his activity.

Health Class – This is a FREE class for Schoolhouse Teachers members. My friend, Misty at Year Round Homeschooling, created this class and I can’t wait to get started. If you’re not a member of Schoolhouse Teachers, you can become one for just $12.95/month or save 10% on a one-year membership for just $139. The nice thing about this site, is there are TONS of classes for this one low price! AND…the price includes your access for your entire family.

What are you using this year? Did you make any changes in your curriculum?

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