A Fun, EASY High School Language Arts Series

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Life of Fred is a fictional narrative that introduces students to essential concepts in a fun and easy way. Kids really love reading the Fred books. The Language Arts Series covers concepts on spelling, grammar, punctuation and more.

Need a FUN and EASY Language Arts Series for your High School Student? Check out Life of Fred! Fun, Simple and kids LOVE it!! :: www.inallyodo.net

This series is best suited for middle school and high school students. The books can be re-read once every year to ensure total comprehension of all the concepts covered. Lessons include the seven parts of speech, punctuation, spelling, similes, silent letters, and so much more.

Why these books WORK:

  • Language Arts concepts are weaved throughout a fictional narrative about Fred, the 5-year-old math prodigy. The books read like storybooks, but have meaningful lessons embedded within the stories.
  • Every chapter is a daily lesson that only takes about 20 to 30 minutes to read and complete.
  • At the end of every chapter, there is an opportunity for students to practice the concepts covered during Fred’s adventure.
  • The Language Arts Series can be re-read once a year to keep concepts fresh in students’ minds.
  • Kids want to actually read these books – they are so fun!

Take a Look Inside Life of Fred Language Arts

What customers are saying about the Life of Fred Language Arts Series:

“This is a wonderful series. While it is presented in a silly, quirky manner it has a good coverage of grammar, and then some. It is an engaging story that helps you relate what you are learning to ‘real’ life.” – Educents customer
“My kids love this series. We started with Elementary Math and have used Fred for our entire schooling. Hands down, the best curriculum we have found.” -Christian

Need a FUN and EASY Language Arts Series for your High School Student? Check out Life of Fred! Fun, Simple and kids LOVE it!! :: www.inallyodo.net

The Life of Fred Language Arts Series includes four titles: Australia, Begin Teaching, Classes, and Dreams. Here are a few examples of the concepts covered in each book.

In Life of Fred: Australia, students will learn…

-The difference between a hemistich and heteronym

-What these abbreviations mean: p.s. ps ps. and Ps.

-How to experience two summers and no winters each year

In Life of Fred: Begin Teaching, students
will learn…

-The uses of 12 tenses in EnglishLife of Fred - respond to the story Educents Blog

-The 16 ways to make plurals

-Why “since” is a dangerous word

In Life of Fred: Classes, students will learn…

-The six rules for hyphenating compound adjectives

-How the three moods in English are used

-The four uses of italics

In Life of Fred: Dreams, students will learn…

-The three uses of a dash -How to pronounce “viz”

-The difference between metaphor and metonymy

Check out the Language Arts books and the entire Life of Fred collection offered at the best price on Educents!

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