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My name is Annette. I am a born and bred Okie. I met my husband at Bible College and we married 4 years later in 2003. We now have 6 children here on earth that we homeschool and eleven beautiful babies waiting for us in heaven. My husband is a pastor and we currently live in Central-Southern Indiana. You can read more about my family here. But, to really get to know me here are 17 random things about me.


19 Random Things About Annette

1. I love organization. But my house is usually a mess.

2. My favorite color is pink.

3. I found out I was allergic to shrimp the first time I tried it and my throat started closing up.

4. I cannot stand the sound of nails on a chalkboard or the squeaky sound it makes when someone messes with a latex balloon. ACK!

5. I love Hallmark Movies (all of them) and watch them on repeat.

6. I wore only skirts for nearly 8 years.

7. I love caramel.

8. I get giddy when I’m tired. Like crazy, laugh til I cry giddy.

9. I could live on fruit and vegetables.

10. I rarely eat red meat.

11. I hate bananas. They make my mouth feel fuzzy.

12. I hate feet. Like seriously hate them.

13. I am obsessed with scented hand soaps. I have a different one at every sink in the house!

14. My husband and I grew up in the same town, 7 miles apart and didn’t meet until we were in college – in Missouri.

15. I love flip-flops and own a pair in almost every color.

16. I love watching “Wheel of Fortune.”

17. Crafts seriously stress me out. Like, I have panic attacks when my girls want to “craft.” 

18. My husband and I have traveled and lived full-time in our 37′ travel trailer with all six kids since July 2017. 

19. As of right now, I have been to 32 states so far.


Why In All You Do?

When I began blogging it was just a casual blog for family and friends. I shared about our days and weeks. Really…it was boring. So, when I decided that I really wanted to begin working my blog as a ministry and business, I asked for ideas on a name. A good friend of mine from high school suggested, In All You Do…Breed-love. I fell in love with the play on words, because it really encompassed all I wanted to write about on the blog – Marriage, Parenting, Homeschooling, and Homemaking. 


Who do I write for?

As for the content of this blog, it will be first and foremost committed to my Lord and Savior, Jesus Christ. I would be lost and in utter despair without Him. So, everything I do, I do for His Glory. Second, it will be submitted through my husband, whom God has appointed over me. And third, it will be truthful. If you ever find any of these are not being met, please feel free to contact me via email and share your concerns. I promise to seek God’s truth through prayer and devotion so as not to ever lead anyone astray.


Have questions?

I love hearing from my readers. I welcome any and all questions. You can email me here or our support team here.

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