Baking Bits: 4 Pinterest Food Reviews

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I haven’t done a Food review in a while, so I thought I’d share with you a few recipes we’ve tried from my Pinterest obsession.(See it does come in handy…I find new recipes and try them on my family! hehe) These are a few of the “winners” our family has tried over the past few months. Hope you enjoy them too!!!


#1 Weight Watchers SalsaRoll-ups

This recipe is SUPER easy and quick. I whipped up a few of these last week and was surprised at how simple they really were! And yuuuummmmy too! In fact, the Hubster was caught more than once sneaking a bite or two! So, if you’re looking for a snack that’s easy to make and take – this one would be perfect! Be sure and check out her blog over at Chef-in-Training for more yummy recipes.


#2 Chicken Roll-ups

This is another super easy and quick recipe. I think it literally took me a total of 10 minutes to get it ready!! Now that’s quick! Now, ours were a little over stuffed, but they were still DELICIOUS!!! They were a hit with 2 of the 3 kiddos too! (Mister Mouse is super picky, so we don’t count his vote most of the time!) The only thing I did different is use my own homemade Ranch dressing mix rather than a store-bought package. You can find the mix I used here.


#3 Hawaiian Sweet Roll Sammies

Okay, talk about mouth-watering…these sammies are to-die-for! I mean, first of all, how can you go wrong with Hawaiian Sweet Rolls?! And, second…they’re just plain good! They do take a little bit of time to prepare (approx 20min), so allow yourself that extra time in addition to cooking them. But, trust me – they are absolutely worth it! The first time I had these were at a Women’s night at a church – YUM!!!! Then, I made them again for our small group(two pans even) and they were gone in lightening speed!! THEN…we had them for our small family Christmas and WOW!! Still yummy! So, if you see Hawaiian Sweet Rolls on sale or just out on the shelf, pick up a package and make these babies! You won’t regret it!!(NOTE: I used dried minced onions rather than real ones. They are so much smaller and they really crunched up nicely!)


Okay, last one – I promise!


#4 Chicky Nuggets

So, who doesn’t like Chick-fil-a nuggets? Let’s face it…not many people dislike their delicious chicken (not to mention the fact they have a great indoor playground for my kiddos). This recipe takes some up-front planning, but its well worth it!! This quickly became a frequently requested meal at our house. We’ve had to limit it to 2-3 nights a month! My kids would eat this twice a week if I let them! I do recommend using peanut oil to fry them in for several reasons: 1) That’s the way Chick-fil-a does it and it’s yummy, 2) peanut oil stays cleaner longer, so you won’t have to change the oil after one batch and 3) did I mention it made them YUMMY?!


So, there ya have it! FOUR Pinterest recipe reviews. I’m working on taking pictures when I cook, so that I can share several more recipes with you over the next few weeks!! Being new at this regular blogging thing, I’m still getting used to keeping the camera close-at-hand. Well…that and I keep moving it out of reach from wandering little hands!


Join me next week for another YUMMY recipe!!!!




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