Baking Bits: Strawberry Cupcakes from Scratch (mostly)

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My baby girl turned ONE!!!!

First birthdays are so exciting, don’t you think? We do BIG birthdays around here. Maybe not BIG by the world’s standards (we don’t spend hundreds of dollars for one party), but I try to make them fun and entertaining.

Some of our favorite themes include:

Diego’s Safari Adventure

Pirate’s Treasure Hunt

Bouncy House Fun



The kids followed clues and did fun things like “walk the plank” (aka slide into the pool) to find the “Treasure”, which was their goodie bags to take home!

 Now some of these are not very fancy, but more thematic in the way of cupcakes/cake and drinks, etc. While others (Pirate’s Treasure Hunt) were all out adventures with a scavenger hunt for the “treasure” and everything!! (By far one of my favorites ones – so far!!) But I digress. This past weekend we celebratedONEyear with Miss Smiley in our family!!!! I can’t believe it’s already been a year! This past year has been one of the craziest years of our lives. We had so much fun celebrating her.

Upclose shot of Strawberry cupcakes

The theme was Strawberry’s. I love strawberries. I always have and probably always will. And they are such a good summer food. That and watermelon. Oh how I love watermelon!! Maybe I’ll do a watermelon theme next year…hmmm. Anywho, I knew we couldn’t go all out on decorations for this one, so I wanted the theme to be carried out in the cupcakes (we’ve gone to cupcakes instead of cakes for parties – so much easier), drinks, plates, napkins, etc.

The simple “Strawberry” theme

I accomplished it – mostly. We ended up having water to drink, because all the kids coming drink water regularly and very little juice (YAY!!!) and all the adults would drink water, so it was quick, easy and cheap! I did have red plates, polka dot napkins and red paper cups for the theme though.

Had I planned better (life got a little crazy) and had more time last week I would have made and printed out my own decorations and party items like these to have around. But alas, I didn’t want to stress and I realized that she was onlyONE and she wouldn’t even remember the cupcakes let alone the decorations. So they got sidelined and momma was a happy, stress-free momma.

However, I am already thinking ahead to Thanksgiving and how I can make some cute signs, dessert sticks and other fun décor!  I love, love, love Fall and the colors, so I can’t wait to decorate and cook!! How crazy is it that I don’t like pumpkin anything (except toasted pumpkin seeds), yet I love to cook anything pumpkin? Weird, I know. But, I will be happy to bake and cook and share some fun treats with you all along the way.

Pink Lemonade cupcakes

 WOW…can I get sidetracked or what?! I really wanted to share my new go-to cupcake recipe. I made originally made these Pink Lemonade cupcakes for Miss Priss’ birthday back in April. We love the cupcake so much that I decided to change out the Pink Lemonade concentrate for Strawberry Daquiri mix in the frozen juice section. I debated on using real strawberries and pureeing them but again…I did not plan well enough for last weeks events. The 14th marked 6 months since my Dad’s passing, the 16th was our 9th Anniversary, JBF drop-off and small group that night, the 17th was the party and the 18th was JBF shopping day. So needless to say my emotions were all over the place last week and I decided to make things simple.

I followed this recipe exactly just switching out the juice mixes. You could really do this with any of the frozen juice concentrates and have such a wonderful variety of yummy and delicious homemade (mostly) cupcakes. I use gel food coloring for the batter and icing. Unfortunately I didn’t use enough red coloring to make the icing as red as I would’ve liked. Oh well. They were super yummy anyway!!!

And now, I’m going to leave you with some fun and super cute shots of the party and birthday girl!!

This girl knows all about money already!! haha
Trying to reach the candle
All smiles while giving a high-five
Shoving her cupcake in as fast as she can!
I told her to smile and this is what I got first.
Then I got this! HAHA!! Such a ham!



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