Being Willing to be Served

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I am an overachiever. I am one of those people you meet that is constantly running around tackling projects….and at the moment I take on those projects, I truly feel I can do them all. Unfortunately, that is not always the case. There are times I allow myself to become overwhelmed and almost drown in my own little world of crazy that I have created for myself.

Then my husband steps in…….

As women, we often pride ourselves on being independent and running the house by ourselves. But, sometimes we need help and need to be willing to be served by our husbands. ::

I’m not sure how he always knows that I am in over my head, but he does. He springs into action and strives to save me. Not from the situation mind you, but from myself. His goal is to simply serve me and my needs at that moment.

It took me a long time to come to terms with the fact that I actually do need his help. Anyone who knows me knows that I have a hard time accepting help – from anyone. It makes me feel weak and insecure about myself.  As a matter of fact, the first few times he stepped in, I felt weak, insecure and incompetent.

However, I was forgetting something very important. We are a team and he was doing just what he was supposed to do.

Too many times marriage is viewed as one sided. As wives we feel that we are supposed to be the ones who provide support to our husbands, we are to be the ones who strive to fulfill his needs and we should be helping him succeed at his goals.

That is not how a Biblical marriage works, however. Instead, all those things that we are striving to do for them, they are in fact suppose to be striving to do for us as well.

This means we have to be willing to be served.

In order for that to happen we need to:

  • Let go of the reins: Allowing our men to take charge of the situation. This means we have to let them take over and learn to come to terms with it as best as we can.
  • Let go of the idea that there is only one way to get things done: Our husbands will not do things the way we will. If you don’t believe me have him do your daughter’s hair.
  • Let go of the negative thoughts that will creep into your mind: Just because they step in doesn’t mean that they think that we can not handle things. What it does mean is that they truly care about us and want to help us maintain our goals in a healthy and stress-free manner.
  • Have complete open communication: We have to be willing to discuss what we are feeling and why. How else will they know the best way to serve us.

Being served by our husbands can really be a beautiful thing. But it does take a little give on our part. We have to be willing to step a little out of our comfort zone and truly let them help.

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Bridget has been married to her best friend for 14 years. They have 4 amazing and wild children. Bridget enjoys reading, writing and stealing stolen quiet moments to curl up to a good movie. Her goal is to inspire moms and wives to be the best that they can for the glory of God.
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