Fall Back Into Homeschooling With A Bible Study for Kids

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Studying the Bible is important for any age, but how do you create a Bible study for kids that’s practical, easy, engaging and fun?

The first thing you need to know… studying the Bible with your kids doesn’t have to be hard or time-consuming. In fact, if you’re spending time reading the Bible to or with your kids, you’re likely studying it naturally with them. But, it’s also important to dig out all that you can, especially as your kids grow older.

When striving to do a Bible study for kids there are a few things you need to remember. Today we are sharing just what those things are. #Bible #Biblestudy #homeschooling #homeschoolers

A Bible study for kids should include:


Modeling prayer. Your child is taking note of how you pray. They listen to what you say and learn your body language as an acceptable way to pray. And over time, kids become confident to pray themselves.

The importance of prayer. As children begin to pray, we need to reinforce to them that they’re having a conversation with God, their Father who loves and cares for them and it requires their attention. Devoting time to pray before your Bible study will allow your child to ask Holy Spirit to help them with it, so that they can hear what God wants to show them.

Specific prayers. Interacting with your child about praying related to the Bible study you’re about to do, will also help them see that they can petition God for specific things where they can ask and receive, knock and the door will be opened.

Discussion and Application

What’s better? Should you read Bible stories or focus more on the topical aspect of the Bible with your kids? It’s actually both Bible stories AND topical.

Pros/cons of stories. The stories in a Bible such as this one, are such a good way for kids to begin learning the Bible. When children are young, they can easily remember a story. But, due to the timeline of the Bible, children are likely to leave the story as something that’s intriguing and interesting, but they’ll still feel separate and disconnected from the story.

This is where you are extremely important.

Application. We can’t just leave a Bible story as words on a page or an interesting story. The Bible is inspired by God Himself and is designed to breathe life into us. The story might be dated, but not its application. Our duty as parents in disciplining our children is to help tie-in the characteristics of the person in the Bible story, what was taking place and what God said. This is where the topical part comes in and the faith-based application of God’s Word in a child’s life.

Dig deep. By digging deeper into the Bible with your kids, they will begin to see that there’s principals and foundations that are applicable to their lives now, but they need your help to see that. A Bible story suddenly becomes relevant and life-changing and not only that, your kids begin to experience a personal relationship with Jesus. This is the greatest reason for WHY a Bible study for kids is so important.

Memorizing scripture

Hide the Word. Memorizing scripture is a key to hiding the Word of God in your heart. It’s easier to remember who God is and who He made you to be when the scriptures are on the tip of your tongue.

Pull it apart. As you encourage your kids to memorize scripture, take the time to pull the verse apart. This will help them to understand the scripture that they’re memorizing, possibly making it easier to memorize. Big words in a verse can have little meaning to a child, but if there’s time spent on definitions, the scripture can come alive.

Memory work. There are also studies that suggest that you can remember more by writing something down. This same concept is true for scripture. Although copywork is good for handwriting practice, grammar, etc., it’s also great for memory work.

Activities or illustrations

Some fun. When it comes to a Bible study for kids, if you can include an activity or illustration, it’s helpful in reinforcing what your child has learned. And it’s a fun element to learning!


Reading a Bible story is such a great start for kids to learn about God. But as they grow older, we can help our kids study the Bible and become students of the Word of God developing a personal relationship with Jesus.

What are important components to you about a Bible study for kids? Feel free to share in the comments below.

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Anchored in Jesus,

Wildly-Anchored-MelanieMelanie is a homeschool mom to 2, living in Alberta, Canada. She is passionate about encouraging homeschool moms who are just like her – unqualified to homeschool, yet called by God to do it. Melanie loves coffee, worship music, and the mountains. You can find resources, printables and more from Melanie at Wildly Anchored, and you can connect with her on Pinterest, Instagram, and Facebook.

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  1. Thank you for this Gratitude bible study post. What a blessing, I have been looking for One great way to focus our first Thanksgiving as homeschoolers and this is absolutely it. I found you through HERHEARTHOMESCHOOLING on Instagram. She posted on 11/11/18

    1. Wonderful! So happy you found it and I pray it is a blessing this year for you!

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