Fall Back into Homeschooling with Unit Studies

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Unit studies seem to be one of the most forgotten homeschooling resources when it comes to falling back into a homeschooling routine, helping to mix up our current homeschooling schedules or even helping to maintain one’s sanity when they are attempting to homeschool multiple age groups at once. Yes, unit studies are a homeschooling family’s best friend.

Unit Studies can be an amazing way to help bring excitement back into your homeschool. Here are some ways that you can fit unit studies into your day. #unitstudy #homeschooling #homeschoolers #unitstudies

Here are some practical ways that you can include unit studies into your daily homeschooling lessons:

Try a child-led approach 

Over the years we have found our children love to decide on a fun unit study. This has helped us to peruse interests of each child and encouraged our children to constantly seek out new topics to broaden their horizons.

Include unit studies as part of a circle time

Unit studies can be a great thing to add to any part of your day when you want all your children together. They are so versatile that you truly can simplify or intensify any study to help the level of your children.

Use unit studies during breaks

Unit studies are perfect for when you are in need of s break from your normal homeschooling routine and yet you still need your children to practice.

Make them a research project for your older children

Creating your own unit studies is a great way to curve the cost of homeschooling. It’s a bonus when your older children can help to research the topic. Not only are they learning how to research and take notes but they are also able to become a bit creative. (Learn more about building your own unit studies here)

Used as an independent activity

If you are wanting to help your children learn to be an independent learner unit studies can help! Create a unit study folder filled with all their unit study materials. Putting them in charge will help them learn to manage their time and work on organization. Don’t forget to give them a time limit to complete their tasks! ( Learn more about creating independent learners here)

Use them to expand on what they’re learning

If you find that there is a particular thing that your children have enjoyed learning about, find unit studies on the topic! This helps keep your children interested and will also allow them to explore even more.

Homeschooling Routine Handbook

No matter what way you decide to do utilize unit studies in your homeschool they will be a great benefit to your homeschooling day. To help you to find the time we would love to provide you with this limited time Homeschooling Routine Handbook that will help you to not only organize your homeschooling day but to also help you find time slots to fit in fun unit studies!



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