Getting Healthy: How we’re doing?

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This journey of “getting healthy” is not for the faint of heart, let me tell you!! I’ve failed more times than I can count! But, I’m pressing forward and I just keep trying. I always go into these types of things with crazy-high expectations and therefore I get discouraged really easily.

So, this time I decided to make much more realistic goals. Only…I think I’ve been a little too lax which has caused more harm than good. UGH!!!! Where’s the happy medium?! I’m seriously ready!!!

These past few weeks have been difficult to say the least. I would like to think that I could just say one day, “No more chocolate,” but it hasn’t been that easy. With some choices I have no problems, but with others I am really struggling. And let’s face it…it’s usually the bad ones we struggle with, right?!

So, here’s the breakdown of how our family is doing on this “Getting Healthy” journey…er adventure!

Me – I am doing much better with my portion control. I struggle with eating sweets and chocolate (man is that hard to admit! I never thought I’d be that person). Eating chicken and salads is not that difficult for me. It’s my snacks and late-night munching that gets me every time. So, this week my goal is to work on cutting out the chocolate & unhealthy snacks!! This sounds easier than it is, but I am determined to do this!! They say it takes 2-3 weeks to “un-do” a habit, so I just have to really work at it for the first couple weeks and stick with it!!

The Hubster – his portion control still needs some work, but he’s doing better. He is completely on-board with this journey of Getting Healthy, which does make it easier on me. Fortunately for The Hubster, he looses weight pretty easy. The only food he is not excited about is fish – he hates fish!! So, I guess we won’t have that too often! Haha

Mister Bull – is doing pretty good with most of our healthy choices.

What healthy options are your favorite? Do you make your own mixes at home? What are your favorite go-to healthy recipes?

Feel free to share in the comments your favorite recipes, links or just plain encouragement for everyone!



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