Homeschool Happenings: Week-in-Review

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The week started out great when Mister Bull was able to go to the Air & Space Museum to see “Fifi”. For those of you who don’t know “who” that is, Fifi is the only B-29 bomber still in flying condition in the United States. And lucky us, it came to our local Air & Space Museum last weekend!! Mister Bull was so excited he could hardly contain himself. But, I must thank my grandpa, Mister Bull’s great-grandpa, for taking him! There was no way I was going to be able to wrestle 3 kids in a line that lasted an hour and a half!! He took him willingly and took some GREAT photos too!!

1 & 2. Sitting in the cockpit of a plane in the museum

3. Flying a Jet Pack Simulator

4. Standing in front of a trick plane

1. Looking at the propeller of the B-29

2. Studying the tail of the B-29

3. Coming out the front of Fifi

4. The missiles in Fifi (that is a grown man’s head at the bottom of the pic) – They’re HUGE!!

5. The cockpit of Fifi

Monday we had swim lessons again. This was our 4th week and Mister Bull is finally starting to swim on his own. He has learned how to blow out his nose to swim under water. Mister Mouse is now standing on the bottom step and blowing bubbles with his whole face in the water. That’s quite an improvement from week 1 when he wouldn’t move off the top step!! We’re hopeful that in the next few weeks he will be comfortable enough to let her take him around the pool on his back. But overall, they are doing great.

Tuesday and Wednesday were “normal” days for us around here. Schoolwork, playtime and church on Wednesday night. Then, we got up and around early Thursday morning. And when I say early, I mean early for us!! LOL We were all packed and ready in the van at 8:20am. That’s pretty early for this momma that isn’t usually out of bed before 9am.

We were excited for our day out at the State Fair and Oklahoma’s Largest Classroom!! Our first stop was in the OLC building where they always have experiments and fun things for the kids to do while learning important lessons.

1. Miss Priss planting her seeds to take home. At this station they told them about how to properly plant seeds and water them so they will grow.

2. Mister Bull and Miss Priss learning about how the cycle of Water works at this working model. It rained and showed the kids how the water went into the streams and then to a lake that then evaporates into the air for more rain. Pretty cool model actually.

3. Mister Bull looking at the model of the parts of a plant.

Then we walked across the way to watch a live cow milking demonstration!!

1. Mister Mouse, Mister Bull, the Hubster, Miss Priss and Punkin watching the cow walk

by to the demonstration milk truck.

2. Miss Priss tried her best to get the cow to “MOO” at her! It was so cute!!

3. Hooking the cow up to the milking machine.

4. The cows are so accustomed to this they just eat while the milk is going into the containers. Can you see the container at the top right? Because of the type of cow (Jersey) the milk was darker and therefore they get paid more for it. They pr0duce the least amount of milk of all the cows, but it is super rich and more like cream.

Next we went over to the Petting Zoo and Birthing Center. Unfortunately the Petting Zoo was not open for another hour, so we just walked around and saw all the cute little babies.

1, 2 & 4 – newborn baby sheep. They were just so darn cute!! I wanted to pick them up and squeeze them!!

3. Miss Piggy, yes, that is her real name.  She was about to give birth any day. She was due today (10-5) in fact!

Then we walked down the midway, past all the games that we will never let our kids ride (I’m a big chicken) and finally came to the Shark Encounter. We thought they were going to have a presentation, but unfortunately that was only on the weekends. But, the kids still had a good time looking at all the shark stuff.

1. Mister Bull in the shark cage.

2. A butterfly coming out of his cocoon!! They have a butterfly tent inside one of the buildings and they had this large towel like material hanging with TONS of these. Very cool.

3. Mister Mouse and Miss Priss in the shark cage.

4. Also inside the building with the butterflies was the Creek Indian Tribe booth.  This guy was showing how he makes bamboo pipes and then he played a little for the kids. The sound was so soothing and gentle. Very beautiful.

Then, we walked down the ramp and found the PSO Electric Street with some very cool information about how electricity is made and why it’s important. Then, we walked around the corner to the Garden Center and the kids were given sheets of paper to gather information in their booth, which was quite large, about worms, rain barrels, planting trees and vertical gardens. When they completed their papers they received a tatoo. Mister Bull was so excited!!

1. Mister Mouse learning about worms.

2. Night-crawler worms feeding on paper in the compost bucket. Ick!

3. The model of a Geothermal Heat Pump and how it can efficiently heat a house.

4. Mister Bull and Miss L, one of the daughters of our friends that joined us, trying out the solar panels. When they held the panels up to the lights they propelled the little fans below showing how solar energy works.

Before we left for the day, the Hubster saw a stage where this fire show was taking place. The kids were completely enthralled. I’m not sure if was because of the fire or sheer exhaustion.

1 & 2 – The fire show. I know they are blurry pictures, but they were the best I could do. You get the idea.

3. Mister Bull, Mister Mouse, the Hubster and Punkin watching the show.

4. Miss Priss was not really interested in the show, she just wanted to play with the free tree we were given. Silly girl!

We arrived that morning a little after 9am and finally got to our van a little after 2pm. We were thoroughly exhausted to say the least!! The girls fell asleep almost instantly in the van and the boys were very quiet. It was a nice ride home.

We got home just in time to let Mister Bull run in, change clothes and get back in the van for us to take him to his first day of Homeschool Gym class. We’re so blessed to have a local gym have homeschool gym days on Thursdays in Oct and Nov. And, the best part…it’s only $5 a class!!! It gives him an outlet for all that pent up energy in the winter. It also allows him some interaction with different teachers and kids. This is a gymnastics training gym, so the kids get to run on the trampoline run and jump into the foam pit (one of his favorite things to do). They also get to do some trampoline exercises, which he immediately comes home to try on our trampoline. Here are a few pictures of him in action! (I also have some videos, but was sworn to secrecy!)

1. Playing the opening game

2. Running on the trampoline run (not really sure what its called)

3. Walking quickly on the balance beam (as part of an obstacle course)

4. Mister Mouse joined me and played games on my phone the entire time

5. Jumping off the end of the trampoline run into the foam pit.

Friday we took it easy around here. I was completely exhausted from our day out Thursday and just run down from the week. The weather got a little cooler here today, so I let the BIGS go out and play for a while. They absolutely LOVED it!!

After two busy weeks around here, next week may feel a little lazy!! That’s fine with me!

I hope you had a great week too! What did you all do?

Thanks for stopping by today! Have a blessed weekend!



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