Homeschool Happenings: Week-in-Review

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This week has not been our best. Saturday night we took Punkin to Urgent Care with a fever of 102, runny nose, general overall fussiness and clingy-ness. She’s normally a pretty passive baby, hardly fusses (unless someone takes a toy from her) and she’s very rarely clingy, so these were signs something was up. She has yet another double ear-infection. Bleh! Poor girl has been through so many over the last year and a half. I hate seeing her hurt and not feeling well. By Monday she was not even able to sleep because she was so congested, so we took her back to the doctor (our own pediatrician this time) and found out that it is all just a virus and the ears were secondary. OH GREAT!!! Now we’re all exposed! UGH!

So this week all 3 Littles have had the sickies and have required more Mommi time than I’ve had in a while! I let the laundry pile up, dishes go and we went with easy to cook meals this week so I could spend lots of time cuddling, snuggling, singing sweet lullaby’s and giving lots of Tylenol and Mucinex. Poor babies.  As much as I like my sleep, I really hate it when my babies are coughing so hard they can’t sleep. So it’s been a week of late nights and little sleep.

Thankfully Mister Bull was not sick this week, so he pressed on with school work! (I know he was just thrilled with this! HA!) But, really it was a pretty light week since his Spelling was a review week and no Math test. Monday found us a swim lessons again, but it was Clothesline week. This is a special week they do once a quarter to teach the kids safety/survival skills in the water. They wear jeans and long-sleeve shirts over their suits. The lower levels learn how to “save” their teacher by throwing a water noodle to him/her and stretching the noodle out to pull him/her back to safety. Then they get in the pool themselves and learn what it feels like to be in the water with their clothes on. They work them on swimming and floating in their clothes. The upper levels have to dis-robe while in the water and the top 2 levels even have to learn to tie their pants and blow them up to use a flotation device. GREAT tips that can be life-saving should they find themselves or anyone else in that situation. I was so proud of my two boys swimming in their clothes and jumping in from the sides to their teachers. They did really well.

So, let’s move on to some fun pictures from the week! (Yes, there are a few, even though we were sickly.)

Thanks to a sweet, sweet friend of mine from church, we were able to play dress-up with the Littles Friday night.

1. Mister Mouse showing off his Leprechaun hat! HA!! Actually, this is what I get when I ask for a smile these days. SILLY BOY!!

2. Punkin tried walking in the shoes you see her holding. It didn’t go well at all, so she just sat down and held onto them.

3. The dress-up clothes had 2 of the same tutu’s that fit the girls perfectly. Punkin wouldn’t stay standing and Miss Priss wouldn’t quit twirling. So there ya go! LOL

4. Miss Priss was getting tired at this point and wanted her Cinderella dress off.

5. Then, she decided she wanted the purple dress on (sorry, I’m not up on my Disney Princesses, so I don’t know who this one belongs to), complete with the flower tiara. But, she still wanted her papi and blankie. She was completely crushed when I informed her that she could not sleep in the outfit (it was going to get very cold that night).

We were able to enjoy some outdoor time before everyone got sick.

1. Driving on the highway I had to capture these beautiful fall colors against the dark blue sky. Just beautiful!!

2. BOOMER SOONER Saturday at our house also included some swinging time with Daddy.

3. Miss Priss is my not-so-girlie-girl. She insisted on wearing her pink sweater dress that matched her pink shoes. Then she went and played in the dirt! UGH!!! Apparently, she takes after her mother! LOL

4. Mister Bull went out one day and came in with this HUGE leaf. He was so excited and begged me to take his picture outside where he found it – so of course, I did!! I see a great leaf project in our very near future!!

5. Punkin loves being outside. And she loves to swing! The giggles and squeals are so fun to hear!!

1. Miss Priss lined up some of her dollhouse toys to “hep mommi wif her bwog.” It was too cute not to capture on camera!

2. Although I don’t enjoy my babies being sick, I do take full advantage of the quiet, sleepy babies I get to hold when they are sick. Isn’t she just precious? LOVE this time with my kids.

3. Punkin was super proud of herself for climbing on the box of dress-up clothes all by herself.

4. Miss Priss decided to “re-arrange” her bedroom. I told her to move it back , so she did and covered up all the toys in the process. I think this is how she hides her brothers’ toys/cars – under her bed!!

5. Mister Mouse was definitely not feeling well earlier this week. He left nuggets on his plate and was just lying around playing with his cars. Totally NOT like this very active 3 yr old. I think I’ve seen Cars and Cars 2 more in the last 3 days than any normal human should!!

1. Miss Priss and I watching the OU (Oklahoma) game Saturday. Shortly after this photo, like less than 10 minutes, she was passed out asleep. Some game buddy she is! LOL

2-5. The kids and I (#4) displaying our “I VOTED” stickers! This was Mister Bull’s first time to go in with me to vote. We talked about it ahead of time and explained what the process was all about and why we vote. Even though our personal choice for President did not win, we were able to use that to teach a valuable lesson – God is still on the throne and HE alone reigns and is in control. We explained that although the current (and new) President is not our personal choice, we must trust that God has it all in his hands.

NOTE: This is NOT meant to start a political discussion. This is simply my opinion and mine alone. I will delete any malicious, rude, crude or just plain mean comments about politics.

So how was your Homeschool week?

Feel free to leave a link to your Week-in-Review post.



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  1. Precious pictures! But I’m so sorry that you struggled with illness. It can be exhausting when it starts running through everyone. Praying for health for you all this coming week.

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