Homeschool Happenings: Weekly Review

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This week started out rather slow. And if your family and house are like mine – that’s not always a good thing! By Wednesday things picked up and we were off and rolling. But let’s back up to Monday and give you the highlights of our week.

Monday we went to swim lessons as usual, but with a few changes. Mister Bull was awarded all his Level 1 ribbons, so he moved up to the Advanced Level 1 class – which Mister Mouse did NOT like at all! And to top it off, Mister Mouse’s normal teacher was gone, so he had a sub. Plus, no one else showed up for his class, so he got a 20-minute private lesson!! And really, I think it was the best thing that could’ve happened to Mister Mouse. She got him out in the pool for the first time. He was paddling, kicking and even doing the Humpty Dumpty dive off the side (seen in the video below)!!!

I was amazed!! At one point he climbed out of the pool when they reached the side, he climbed out and crossed his legs like he was done. haha  Thankfully, Miss Ruth just gently turned him back towards the water and coaxed him back in. I was completely impressed with Miss Ruth and her handling of Mister Mouse. THEN…I look over and Mister Bull was jumping off the diving board!! This is the child that 6 weeks ago would barely put his whole head under water!! Sadly I didn’t get the camera or video out in time, but I hope to capture it this week!! So, needless to say there were quite a few phone calls Monday night to tell about the new swimming accomplishments! I think the kids were almost as excited as Mommi was!!

Tuesday was a quiet day around here with Daddy (aka The Hubster) home. Normally his days off are Wednesday and Thursday, but with Mister Bull’s surgery on Wednesday he was home Tuesday as well. (He works overnights, so he was up most of the day Tuesday with us since he was going to be home to sleep that night.) In explaining things to Mister Bull, I mentioned (very emphatically) that he could not – under any circumstances – eat or drink anything Wednesday morning before his surgery. His response, “Don’t they know breakfast is the most important meal of the day?” pause “And how am I supposed to stay hydrated if I can’t drink anything?” Hydrated??? Seriously???

Thankfully, he survived missing breakfast and he did not dehydrate before his surgery. He came through it like a champ though!!!! Well…except for the grumpiness and irritated anesthesia attitude. lol You can read more about our surgery trip and experience here.

1. Mister Bull pushed himself out to the van in the wheelchair – he wouldn’t let anyone else help him.

2. He’s not happy about his bottom lip being numb, thus the irritated and grumpy face.

Later that afternoon, after sleeping off the anesthesia, he was up and eating the shake we promised him. He ate a soft dinner and was ready to go play at the Fall Festival at church. I know I talked last week about us not participating in these activities, but the kids all knew about it from church and were so excited to go and jump on the inflatables. So, we decided if nothing else it would pass some time and they would be exhausted by the time we got home!

1. Miss Priss running around with her “new” balloon.  2. Miss Priss and Mister Mouse climbing the wall in one of the inflatables.  3. Mister Mouse and Mister Bull on the hay bales outside. I wish I had a picture to show you the magnitude of this hay bale tower! There was even a tunnel on the bottom level!! The kids had so much fun.  4. Punkin “cheesing” for the camera. She actually left the hat and bow on the entire time!!  5. Miss Priss was supposed to be looking at the camera and showing off her cupcake she won in the cupcake walk.

Thursday, The Hubster offered to take all 4 kiddos to the Zoo…by himself!!!! Isn’t he just the best?! I, of course, let him! So they were gone most of the morning and early afternoon to the zoo and then a picnic lunch and playtime on the playground. They had a wonderful time with Daddy and Mommi got some much needed cleaning done around the house!! And…the Hubster is so great, he even took some pictures for me to share!

1. Mister Mouse and Mister Bull looking at the lions.  2. The snow leopard was actually out in view (that’s a rarity).  3. Miss Priss pointing to the snow leopard – she was trying to show Mister Mouse and Punkin where it was.  4. Another rarity – all 5 Aldabra Tortoises out in the pen at once. This is one of the kids’ favorite exhibit to visit.  5. Miss Priss, apparently, wasn’t too happy about seeing the elephants. In all fairness, this was toward the end of the visit.

1. The Hubster had to have a picture of the Ghostbuster car, which was used for Hallo-zooween the night before. (They were still tearing things down from the festivities.)  2. A closer view of the elephants.  3. Mister Mouse sitting on the panda for a picture.  4. Mister Bull’s turn, but there was lack of cooperation.  5. Miss Priss never sits still long enough to snap the picture, so this is what you get!

All in all, this week has turned out better than expected. We took off Wednesday and Thursday from school for recovery – although I’m not sure Mister Bull needed it. But, Mommi sure did!!! I’m finally caught back up to my normal washing and cleaning schedule, so we should be good going into the weekend.

Excited to start our Pilgrim Unit Study next week. You can find it on my Printables and Freebies page!!!

How did your week go? Feel free to share your link in the comments!

Have a blessed weekend!!



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