Homeschool Happenings: Weekly Review

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This week was a rather drab week around here. Until Wednesday evening that is. The public schools in our area were out for a 3 day Fall Break (Wed-Fri), so we took full advantage and had our oldest nephew spend the night. We always want our guests to feel welcome and that we really care about them, so I made his favorite meal, my homemade bacon pizza. Only this time, I made it gluten free. Don’t worry – I’m sharing the recipe next Wednesday!!

 The cousins were able to play outside for a bit before dinner (below 2, 3). They watched a “new to us” movie after dinner and then we played a couple rousing rounds of “Pass the Pigs”. If you’ve never played this game, you should totally get it! It’s a fun, fast-paced game of luck (below 4 & 5). Mister Bull went to gym class again Thursday afternoon. They played a version of elbow tag and then had their normal trampoline and obstacle course time. He’s still very upset that they don’t get “free time” at gym class though! LOL

Thursday was a busy day around here. Not only did our nephew spend most of the day with us after staying the night, we had gym class that afternoon and spent several hours at the pumpkin patch that morning!! The kids had so much FUN!! And I took waaaaay too many pictures!! So…I’m going to share some of my favorites with you!

1. Mister Mouse “cheesing” for the camera. 2. Miss Priss being a little sassy. 3. Mister Bull and the Nephew collected pecans off the ground. 4. My Pride and JOY!!!!! 5. Punkin’ being…well…herself!! She’s such a happy lil’ one.

1. Mister Mouse pretending to eat a pecan – WHOLE! 2. Mister Mouse running on the hay bales. 3. Mister Mouse showing his disgust of pecans. He did NOT like them! 4. Climbing on the pumpkins. 5. Mister Bull and the Nephew picking up a pumpkin. HA!! They tried so hard, but I finally made them give up before they gave themselves hernias.

1. Going through the Hay Maze. 2. Mommi and Punkin. 3. Miss Priss checking out the white pumpkins. 4. My boys!!! Mister Bull, Mister Mouse and the Hubster. 5. The Nephew, Mister Bull and Mister Mouse getting ready to go through the dark hay maze.

1. Mister Bull and the Nephew feeding some llama’s at the pumpkin patch petting zoo. 2. The Hubster teaching the Nephew and Mister Bull about the chickens. They use pecan shells for the bottom of the cage. 3. Mister Mouse feeding one of the sheep. 4. Miss Priss feeding a sheep.

Taking apart a piece of sugar cane. The Hubster was teaching them about sugar cane and using it to feed some of the animals (pigs and turkeys).

Then it came time to pick out their own pumpkins.

1. Mister Mouse was so confused why this pumpkin was so little. 2.  Miss Priss was very territorial of her cute little white pumpkin. 3. Mister Mouse and the Nephew showing off their pumpkins.

And these…well…they’re just pretty! I really took these pictures to use for backgrounds! I love all the vibrant colors in the fall!!!! Don’t you?!

Do you take a Fall Break from homeschooling?

Thanks for stopping by today! Have a GREAT weekend!!!!



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  1. Hi Annette — thanks for linking with Collage Friday. Yes, we took a break on Friday to just celebrate Fall. We did crafts, baked and just had some FUN — and I think we’ll do more of the same this coming week, too! I enjoyed seeing all of your pictures.

    1. Thanks for hosting, Mary!! Isn’t that the fun and JOY of homeschooling?? Being able to take “breaks” whenever we want!! We’ll be doing more cooking and baking this week too!


  2. love the pictures! looks like a great week!!!

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