Homeschool Series: Using Videos to Teach Your Children

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I love, love, love homeschooling my kiddos. Have I mentioned that before? I really do. Around here I do my best to limit the amount of time the kids spend watching television or playing on the computer (apart from schoolwork).

In fact, I’ve been guilty of using the television orDVD’s to help keep them calm or occupied while I work on my chores. Ugh!!! Does that make me a horrible parent? I sure hope not!

But, that got me thinking…if I’m willing to allow them to watch videos, we could at least make them educational, right?! So, today I’m going to give you a list of some of our favorite videos and how I use them in our homeschooling routine.

First, let’s start with my favorites:

Brainy Baby Collection


Veggie Tales

Sid the Science Kid

McGee and Me


Elmo’s World

How It’s Made (Science videos)

How do I use them to enhance our learning?

Brainy Baby Collection – We watch corresponding videos to what we’ve been learning. So, if we’ve working on counting, we’ll watch the 123 video. If we’ve been learning our ABC’s. we’ll watch that video. And so it goes on and on with Colors, Shapes, Animals, etc.

3-2-1 Penguins & Veggie Tales – my kids love these videos. These videos are great for sparking conversations on character and life lessons. I often choose one or two videos that confront something my kiddos are dealing with. Right now, we’re struggling with sharing, so we’ll watch “3-2-1 Penguins: Trouble on Planet Wait-Your-Turn.” Then, we’ll sit and talk about what they learned during the video. If we’re having trouble following directions, I’ll have them watch Veggie Tales’ “Moe and the Big Exit: A lesson in Followin’ Directions.” And again, we’ll sit and talk about it afterwards.

Sid the Science Kid & How It’s Made – I am super cautious about the videos we allow our kids to watch. Most of the time Sid is okay, but on occasion I’ve noticed they talk about dinosaurs or the earth being millions of years old. Our family believes this is not true and our oldest often had a difficult time distinguishing between God’s truth in the Bible and “truth” on television.  So, we’ve limited the purchase of the Sid videos. As for the How its Made videos, he simply enjoys watching how they create the items. That counts as Science? Right?!

McGee and Me – These are wonderful videos for older kids dealing with morals and character qualities. My oldest son loves these movies and they have opened up quite a few conversations about subjects he’s struggling with.

BOZ – Now, some of you probably haven’t heard about Boz. But, it’s another kid-friendly, Christian, moral/character video series. But, he also uses letters to spell and numbers to count things, etc. So, it encompasses a lot of areas. They are similar to Veggie Tales in that they sometimes sing songs to make a point. They are fun and upbeat for the kiddos (and momma too!)!!

Elmo’s World – My kids love to watch Sesame Street. One of their favorite segments is of course, Elmo’s World. These videos talk about subjects like: Dancing, Music & Books, Rainbows, Nutrition and Exerciese and Families, Mail and Bath timel We do have a counting and ABC video, which I use in conjunction with the Brainy Baby ABC and !23 video series.

Reinforcement isKEYat this young tender age of preschool. So, I do a lot of combination work; i.e. papers, flash cards, videos, etc. The more I can do to help them remember, the better!

Why I use videos to teach?

Well, as I mentioned above, I use them mainly for reinforcement to other styles of learning. They are also a great way to break up the schooling time for my Middles, as they get bored very quickly! I usually put a video in during snack time, so they get to watch while eating their morning snack.

Our oldest learns well by watching and doing. So, the videos for him are a real tangible way to reinforce character traits, Bible lessons and sometimes, as he says, just for fun. (Little does he know that the videos I let him watch are all ones with a teaching/learning aspect!!)

Some days I strategically plan certain chores or school reading with Mister Bull during the Middles videos. That way, they are in their high chairs, unable to interrupt us or get into the dishwasher as I’m trying to load/unload. The way I figure it…this is multi-tasking at its best!

How do you feel about using videos to teach? In what ways do you use them? What are some of your favorites?

Feel free to share in the comments or leave a link to your related post!!!



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  1. HOW FUN!!! I love hearing how the normal things can be used to teach our children. The JOY of homeschooling! Thanks for linking up this week!

    1. Thanks for hosting, Kate!!

  2. I have used movies to teach my children from kindergarten up. I picked out ones they would benefit from and we discussed biblical themes/scripture, character development, lessons learned, etc. As they entered mid-high, we added writing papers on a topic I chose from the movie. My kids loved movie day in school which was here and there. Thank you for sharing your post at WJIM.

    1. What a great tip, Naomi!! I think I’m going to work on some topic papers for some of our movies to enhance the teaching with our oldest. Did that even make sense?! LOL We’re not to the paper writing stage yet, but in 2nd grade we’re going to work towards it!! Thanks for hosting!!

  3. I’m pretty new at this place and adore the design, could you let me know me where you bought this theme? You can contact me on my e-mail…looking forward to hear from you

    1. Thanks for the compliment…I actually designed this one myself.


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