How to Raise Spiritually Strong Kids

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Raising spiritually strong kids is the desire of every Christian parent’s heart and it is one of our greatest responsibilities. Aside from the gift of Salvation, our children are the biggest blessings that God has given us. We need to be faithful in raising them to love the Lord and live for Him.

Raising spiritually strong kids is the desire of every Christian parent's heart and it is one of our greatest responsibilities. We need to be faithful in raising them to love the Lord and live for Him. ::

While it may not seem like an easy task to raise spiritually strong kids, it isn’t as hard as you may think. You likely already have experience with the tools you need. The desire lies within your heart and the Lord will be with you every step of the way!

7 Steps to Raising Spiritually Strong Kids

  • Pray for them daily 

I’m not speaking of praying for them on a generic basis. Raising spiritually strong kids require us to pray for them daily with intention, specifically and fervently. The world is not a safe place. Our kids need all the prayers they can get to stand spiritually strong throughout their lives and it is never too early or too late to pray for them daily.

Even when our kids are grown we need to continue praying for them daily. I was blessed to have a mother that continued to pray for me when I was out on my own. I have no doubt that her prayers saved me from myself countless times.

  • Teach your children how to pray

When our children are young the prayers are simple and sweet. As they grow older, they need to be taught how to pray with deeply and with intent. Prayers do not have to be elaborate, but our children do need to know how to pray specifically for situations, struggles and other things life will throw their way.

If you’re not sure where to start or if prayer is not your strong suit, I encourage you to look into using Helping Your Children Become Prayer Warriors. I am excited to be working through this book with my children as part of the upcoming homeschool year.

  • Pray with your kids each day 

Our children need to hear us pray because they learn best from what they see us do and hear us say. We need to take time to pray with our children each day, at meals, bedtime and more. Our children need to hear their parents praying for them, about their lives and it will also give them a glimpse into an adult Christian’s prayer life.

  • Read God’s Word with them daily

The reading of God’s Word is essential to our children’s spiritual state. They need to know God’s Word and have it hidden in their hearts in order to be strong in the Lord and the power of His might. When our children are old enough to have personal devotions on their own, that should be part of their days as well. However, it is our responsibility as Christian parents to read God’s Word with them to teach them in the way that they should go, ensure they understand what God is speaking through His Word and answer questions that they may only ask in a family devotions setting.

  • Teach them to study God’s Word

While the daily reading of God’s Word is necessary to raising spiritually strong children, they need to do more than just read the Words of God written on a page. Our children need to be taught how to study God’s Word before they leave our homes. They need to know how to use a concordance, a Bible dictionary, Biblical maps and Hebrew and Greek dictionaries. I love this resource, it is a concordance, Bible, Hebrew and Greek dictionary all in one!

Beautiful Worship is a Christian faith and Scripture study guide that I designed to get you (and your kids!) to dig into God’s Word. Inside you’ll find over 800 pages with Bible reading plans, Scripture word study pages, Hymn selections, Prayer writing pages, Faith journaling prompts, and much, much more! 

  • Provide Christian literature for them to read

Our children need to be encouraged to live their lives devoted to God. It isn’t an easy task, but God is faithful to those that love and serve Him. Providing Christian literature for our children to read allows them to learn more about the Lord, be encouraged in their Christian life and see what a Christian’s life can be like.

Growing up my favorite Christian fictional books were by Christmas Carol Kauffman, they inspired me because they were full of real life issues and the characters remained strong in the Lord though their struggles were clear. Missionary biographies are also a great source of Christian literature for you kids to read. They reveal the struggles that Christians can go through to share the love of God with people around the world, how God works all things out for good and the faithfulness of God to those who call Him Father. Hinds Feet On High Places is one of mine and my daughter’s favorite works of Christian literature.

  • Play Christian music in your home

Music is the voice of the soul. Of this I have no doubt. There will be times when our children may not be attentive to God’s Word, our direction or open to prayer. With music you do not have to speak. The Holy Spirit can do the work. Often when Christian music is being played in our home I find that my children either join in singing along and tap or dance along to the beat. The best part? It changes the atmosphere of our home because the music speaks of the Lord and glorifies Him!

  • Be spiritually strong parents

As Christian parents we do not have all of the answers nor do we live perfectly. That isn’t what being a spiritually strong parent means. We need to be the example of that which we desire for our children. They need to see us reading and studying the Bible and hear us pray and listening to Christian music. We can’t expect our children to do what we say without them seeing evidence of us doing the same.

While I can not guarantee that following these steps our children will live for the Lord all the days of their lives, I do know that God’s Word is true. And He promises that all things work together for good and that by raising a child in the way he should go that when he is old he will not depart from it. We must be faithful to the Lord in the raising of our children and then leave them in His loving hands. 

What steps are you taking to raising spiritually strong kids?

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