How to Survive Spring Fever in your Homeschool

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Spring is my favorite season of the year. I love the smell of newly growing grass, fresh flowers, and feeling the wind in my hair. I love seeing the sunshine again, even if it is through the rain sometimes. Spring is a welcomed weather shift after a usually long winter here in the northern midwest.

As the weather starts to warm up outside and we are ringing in beautiful spring days, it won’t take long before your little ones are starting to become distracted and lose focus. While spring brings the promise of the end of the school year for me, my kids aren’t quite in the same mindset.

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Spring fever will hit your homeschool, it’s almost inevitable. Whether you take the day off for a fun outdoor activity, go on a picnic or do your lessons outdoors, getting outside doesn’t have to mean abandoning school for the day. Use these tips to help make spring just as productive, and incorporate a few exciting spring elements into your homeschool too.

Plan ahead

Spring doesn’t just sneak up on us every year. Despite us forgetting that spring is just around the corner, it happens every single year. If you plan ahead for the spring season, you will be prepared when the spring fever strikes! Start by focusing on science and geography if your lesson plan allows. These are likely to be the most engaging for your kids, and help them get past the spring fever.

Go Outside

Just because you are homeschooling doesn’t mean you can’t go outside! If it’s a nice day outside, take your homeschool lessons outdoors. Read a book while sitting on the porch, take a field trip, or do a unit study that involves being outside. This will not only help satisfy the need to be outdoors but make sure your students are still learning too. Keep a few lessons handy that you can use on the nice days.

Forget the major assignments

When you are planning your homeschool lessons, make sure you aren’t planning hard or major assignments for this time of year. This is when your kids are going to be most distracted, so try to put the hard stuff for the winter months when they are stuck inside. If you have major assignments that can’t be helped, try to create incentives for getting them done. This will help motivate them to do the work even when it’s nice out.

Do more hands-on learning

During the spring months, you are going to want hands-on learning activities whenever you can. This may take some creativity, but your kids would rather be outside in the fresh air than listening to a lecture in the house. Instead, have a really fun hands-on activity such as a science experiment ready to go. They’ll get just as excited and have fun learning at the same time.

Remember to enjoy the nice days

One of the benefits of homeschooling is flexibility. It’s okay to take days off every once in a while and enjoy a nice day outside. If you need to, plan for your homeschool hours to be during the evening and morning before the weather warms up. This way you can enjoy your outdoor hours without the guilt. It’s okay to take a break, and it’s okay to enjoy those nice spring days.

Use Movie Studies on Rainy Days

It’s no secret that we love movie studies in our house. We do not have cable, or network television for that matter. So my kids rely on Netflix, Vudu and DVDs for watching. While my kids will watch movies almost any day of the week, rain or shine, we reserve the movie studies for rainy days. This is a fun way to fill a yucky day and get some schooling in too! Our movie studies include questions and writing activities and often times, a research aspect. Add in a few more elements and you’ll have a well-rounded unit study!

Movie studies are a fun way to bring in some learning, while not being too stressful. This movie study for The Luck of the Irish includes discussion questions, a "my heritage" page, as well as St. Patrick's Day and Ireland pages. #StPatrick'sDay #Irish #moviestudy #iaydcommunity #iaydhsmoms #iaydhomeschoolers

We like to do unit studies based on recent movie releases as well as some old favorites. One of my kids’ favorite movies for St. Patrick’s Day is The Luck of the Irish from the Disney Channel. It is a great classic from ‘back in the day’ and my kids love it too. This year, we’re adding in a little movie study to bring in some learning to our movie day.

Download The Luck of the Irish Movie Study

If your kids haven’t seen this Disney classic, it’s a must-see, especially during the St. Patrick’s Day holiday season. This movie study has discussion questions about the movie, a page for students to write about their own heritage, a page to write about St. Patrick’s Day and a page about Ireland.

Movie studies are a fun way to bring in some learning, while not being too stressful. This movie study for The Luck of the Irish includes discussion questions, a "my heritage" page, as well as St. Patrick's Day and Ireland pages. #StPatrick'sDay #Irish #moviestudy #iaydcommunity #iaydhsmoms #iaydhomeschoolers

If you want to expand your Irish learning, try our Ireland and Northern Ireland Unit Studies! The bundle is on sale for just $3 thru March 18, 2019!!

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