Maid for Mondays: How to create a Fire Safety Family Plan

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This week is Fire Prevention and Safety Week. I remember the days when we had fire drills at school. We usually had them twice a year and a big assembly the same day. During our “drills” they would have plastic drop-cloths floating in the hallway a few feet off the ground. This simulated the smoke that would quickly fill the air as you calmly crawled out to fresh air and safety. Our assembly would consist of talking about fire safety and having an escape route and plan. Then they would bring in a real life firefighter dressed up in his fire suit so we would know what they look like and know not to be afraid if one of them came to get us in the event of a fire. All good information, right? But, how many of us came home and took the time with our family to really make a plan and escape route? How many of us practiced them?

As a homeschooling mom, I now find this so very important. Not that fire safety wasn’t important before, but I guess I figured we homeschool, so it’s pretty simple – get everyone out of the house. But what if that fire happened at night or when we had a sitter over, heaven forbid. I realized…we NEED a plan!

So this week I’m going to focus on Fire Safety and Prevention. Today we’re going to cover How to create a Fire Safety Family Plan.

The main emphasis this year is “Have Two Ways Out”. I found a particularly fun and wonderful game and activity to play with your kids to teach them about Fire Safety. It emphasizes this year’s theme, “Have Two Ways Out.” You can find and download it here on the NFPA (National Fire Protection Association) website. Just click on Family Sheet.

Now that you’ve found two ways out of every room, it’s important to pick a Family meeting place. Someplace away from the house, but easy for everyone to find. That way if you get separated coming out of the house everyone can meet at the designated spot and “take roll”. It can be a tree across the street or your neighbor’s yard. Wherever it is, just make sure everyone knows!

Now comes the fun part – practicing. You can make it fun, like a race. See how fast everyone can get out of the house and to the meeting place. You can make it interactive by hanging pieces of clear plastic drop-cloth (or whatever you have) to simulate smoke in the hallway and have everyone crawl out. Get creative, especially with little ones, so your kids will remember what to do.

Then it’s our turn as adults. We need to check all the smoke detectors in the house at least twice a year. It’s so important to make sure they are working. And it takes all of 10 seconds to get up there and push the button to make sure it works. Better to take the 10 seconds now than to wonder why you never did.

So, let’s recap:

  1. Have Two Ways Out of every room.
  2. Pick a designated meeting spot.
  3. Practice at least twice a year.
  4. Check your smoke detectors at least twice a year.

If you want more information on Fire Safety and Prevention, this site gives a good, practical checklist to follow. And this site gives some common causes of fires in homes that are completely preventable.


Join me tomorrow as I share some great printables, games and other ways to teach your kids about Fire Safety.

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    1. I’m so sorry for your friends. Every time i hear about a fire on the news it takes me back. I had to stop watching the news for a long time. Just knowing the facts and common causes of house fires can help save lives! Many times it is preventable! I was surprised at some of the common causes.

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