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Last year when my oldest entered Middle School, I realized he needed more independence in his studies. I also realized he was lacking in the ability to stay focused and on track. We had received a planner as a gift, which I turned in to his planner. I immediately noticed a difference in his schoolwork and attitude. Suddenly, he was getting up and starting schoolwork on his own with little to no resistance.

This 56-page homeschool student planner for Middle & High School is the perfect way to help them become more independent in their studies. This planner includes monthly, weekly & daily planners as well as planners for field trips, research papers, curriculum and much more! :: www.inallyoudo.net

This year, I decided to make my own planner for Middle & High Schoolers, based on some of the pages that worked for him and some that I wanted to incorporate.

I am so pleased with how it turned out and I can’t wait to share it with you all today!

Included in this planner:

  • Monthly calendars through July 2018
  • Subject planner
  • Curriculum planner
  • Attendance Tracker
  • Assignment List planner
  • Monthly planner
  • Weekly planner
  • Daily planner
  • Reading List planner
  • Book Report planner
  • Field trip planner

This 56-page planner is the perfect addition to any middle or high schooler’s year as it helps them become more independent in their studies. You can print it all at once or as needed.

How We Use the Planner

My oldest loves to see the monthly planner written out, as it gives him an idea of what is required for the month. But, we use the weekly planner for him to see what is required daily. This year, he has decided he wants to use the hourly planner to map out his day and keep him on track. He has a goal to finish his school work by a certain time, so he wants to plan accordingly.

We are using the field trip planner to keep track of places we visit on our travels as well as map out new places we want to see along the way.

This year he will also use the Research Paper & Project Planners as he begins to work more on his writing skills and learn how to put together a well planned and thought out paper and/or report. These will be used in conjunction with our book report planner to get him started and make it fun.

He is also asked to read in his Bible daily, so he uses our Bible Reading Plan as a guide, which I print out and put with the planner.

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