Mom’s Bible Reading Plan {free printable}

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I know what you must be thinking…ugh, another Bible reading plan. But, hear me out. I have struggled for years to keep a consistent Bible reading schedule. I teach my children that they need to read their Bible daily, yet I can’t even commit to it. So what was I doing wrong? Why didn’t all those Bible studies I bought help? How come I didn’t stay consistent?

Do you struggle with reading the Bible consistently? The Mom's Bible Reading Plan is designed to help you become more consistent and help you love God's Word in a way you never thought possible. {free printable} ::

It isn’t that I don’t want to read God’s Word, but I have serious trouble sticking with a Bible study (of any kind) until the end. I get bored. Tired. And I lose interest.


Isn’t God’s Word still relevant?

Don’t I believe the Bible to be true?

After talking to my husband one day and setting up a Bible reading schedule for our oldest, I finally realized the issue! I was reading God’s Word according to other people and their “plan,” not His plan. The Bible is often referred to as His Story and it should be read as you would read a book. Cover to cover, start to finish.

So why was I always jumping around and taking someone else’s word for what I should understand from a passage?

That’s when I decided to just start reading the Bible from start to finish. Pushing through Deuteronomy, I mean…let’s face it, that’s a tough book. But, God has so much to say in His Word and He wants us to read it all. Not just the parts that make a good Bible study or the parts that sound good or even make us feel good.


That’s why I wanted to kick of this week of Mother’s Day posts with a Bible Reading Plan printable for you all. I want to encourage you to get in to God’s Word. Read it from cover to cover.

I read the Proverbs of the day, that corresponds to day of the month. On months with less than 31 days, I double up to make it work, so that I read the entire book every month. Then, I read at least one chapter in the Old Testament and one in the New Testament.

But, don’t let those boundaries restrict you. If you feel God leading you to read more…read more! The point is to read with an open heart and mind, so that you can hear God speaking through His Word.

In this pack:

  • Proverbs Monthly Reading Log
  • Old Testament Reading Log
  • New Testament Reading Log
  • Blank Journaling pages to write whatever the Lord gives you

I love being able to write what the Lord brings to mind and see where the dots connect. It is amazing to see just how interconnected His Word really is!

Stay tuned this week for a special 5-day Mother’s Day Series! I can’t wait to share my heart with you all and encourage you in your Motherhood journey. If you want more motherhood encouragement, check out all the other Marriage & Motherhood posts.

Today you can subscribe to get your own copy of the Mother’s Bible Reading Plan. Add it to your cart below, checkout and download it to your computer. Once you print the reading plan, I suggest laminating the reading plan pages and putting them in a binder. By laminating the pages, you can use them over and over!

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