Monday Meals: Weekly Meal Plan

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 We did pretty well with our meals last week. A few last minute changes due to some unforeseen appointments, but overall we did well. We continue to chisel away at the pantry and foods therein. I continue to search for new and healthier recipes I think I could get away with, which is not easy with these picky Middles! But, we’re forging forward and making progress little by little.

Here is this week’s meal plan.

 Monday 5/7

Breakfast: Poptarts

Lunch: Grilled Turkey & Cheese

Dinner: Leftovers

Tuesday 5/8

Breakfast: Cereal

Lunch: Homemade Pizza (Cauliflower crust)

Dinner: Rotisserie Chicken, Sweet Potato Fries, Salad

Wednesday 5/9

Breakfast: Poptarts

Lunch: on-the-go (day of dr’s appointments)

Dinner: TurkeyStroganoff, green beans, homemade bread (we will

eventually get to eat this meal! It didn’t get done on Sunday, yet again! UGH!!)

Thursday 5/10

Breakfast: Scrambled Eggs w/ bacon & cheese

Lunch: Cheese Quesadillas, grilled chicken fajitas

Dinner: Grilled burgers, sweet potato fries

Friday 5/11

Breakfast: Homemade Poptarts

Lunch: Homemade Pizza w/ cauliflower crust

Dinner: Grill out – chicken & turkey sausage, grilled veggies

Saturday 5/12

Breakfast: Homemade Donuts

Lunch: Fishsticks

Dinner: Slow Cooker Chicken in Honey Sauce over sticky brown rice

Sunday 5/13 – Happy Mother’s Day

Breakfast: Scrambled eggs w/ bacon & cheese

Lunch: CP Chicken Enchiladas, salad

Dinner: Homemade Mac & Cheese


This week my goal is to rid myself of chocolate. This will not be an easy task, but I am confident with God’s help I will overcome this crutch, which has led to an unhealthy addiction. Ugh!! I said it, addiction. I gave up caffeinated beverages nearly 4 years ago, but I continue to feed my body caffeine via chocolate. So, it’s time to rid myself of it all together. I’m ready!!!

What’s on your meal plan this week? Feel free to leave a comment or link and share what you’re cooking with everyone!



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This Post Has 2 Comments

  1. Annett, I would love the recepie for the cauliflower
    Pizza crust. I have gone gluten free &
    Mixes are so high priced I have to do
    Without a lot of yummy stuff.
    I am also trying to go good carb only so if
    You have any idea where I can find a list
    Of good carbs I’d sure be baholdin to you
    Thanks Sharon Chancey

    1. Sharon, you should be able to click on the link attached to Cauliflower Pizza Crust and it will take you to the site I got it from. If you still have trouble, let me know!
      I’m not sure about the good carb list. Have you googled for one? That’s where I usually start. But, if I see anything I’ll let you know!


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