Our 4th of July Celebrations – Food & Fun

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I kept seeing GREAT ideas for the 4th all over Pinterest (follow me here) and on the blogs I subscribe to. So I thought I would share what I did for our fourth celebration this year!

First…my kids enjoyed the new little pool we have in our backyard. Aren’t they the cutest?! They love to play and splash around in this small pool, which I like for several reasons. One, I don’t have to worry too much about them in a shallow pool – seeing as they are mostly walking around and splashing each other. Two, it is small enough to dump and refill when we need to. No harsh chemicals and no cleaning!

We chowed on some delicious BBQ grilled chicken, Turkey sausage (a family favorite), cucumber salad, some fresh mango (I scored these from our bountiful baskets order last week), and fresh garden tomatoes to go with our sandwich tray.

I wanted to make this super fun Red, White and Blue drink in my glass drink server. I thought, “Won’t the kids have so much fun with this one?!” Okay, so I’m not sure if it was the drinks I chose or the fact that I used a HUGE container rather than a small glass, but ours didn’t separate – hence no picture, because frankly, it was an ugly dark blue/black color. However…it was still delicious and nearly gone by the end of the night. My kids kept asking for more!!

For dessert I made this layered Jell-O recipe for a “cool” dessert and one the kids loved as well as the adults. It really isn’t hard to make, just time consuming – so make sure you have plenty of time to wait!

Red, White, Blue Trifle

And I made this trifle recipe by Hungry Girl that’s only 4 points per serving!! SCORE!!!!

We don’t do fireworks here for several reasons. 1) We’re in the city limits & you must pay for a permit to shoot them off. 2) With the littles around this momma is just not that brave! 3) They cost $$$ and why spend the money when your kids are perfectly content making their own crafts and “fireworks”?

So, we tried these Fireworks in a jar instead. They were a big hit with Mister Bull. He enjoyed watching them over and over, as we had to do the “experiment” several times!

And my Aunt, the kids’ great Aunt, brought over some of those popper things. You know, the ones you throw on the ground and they simply pop? Yeah…she brought those over and the older three had a blast throwing them down. I got a video or two and some pictures, so I hope you enjoy them!

So that’s it!! Our 4th of July celebration here at our humble abode.

How did you celebrate in your neck-of-the-woods?

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  1. Hi, I entered your giveaway. It seems like such an awesome book! I subscribed and did all of the FB entries, I don’t have twitter. Thanks!

    1. Charlie – it is a WONDERFUL book!!!! I learned so much from it that revolutionized how I “run” the house. Thanks for stopping by and good luck!


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