3 Reasons Elementary Children Should Learn to Type

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As a Christian parent, one of my biggest priorities is teaching my children God’s Word. I want them to know His Word. How to read it, understand it and to memorize it so they will know it. Sometimes we teach them through songs, sometimes through rhymes and chants, but never had I thought of teaching them God’s Word through typing, until now.

Learning to type is not just for high schoolers! Now your Elementary children can learn to type and here's 3 reasons I believe they should! :: www.inallyoudo.net

Last year, I was introduced to Keyboarding for the Christian School. My oldest had been begging to learn how to type for several months and I searched and searched for different typing programs he could use. Keyboarding for the Christian School was one of them. I love that they have a couple different versions, including one specifically geared toward Elementary ages.

I didn’t learn to type until I took a class in 9th grade, so I never thought about allowing my younger kids to learn how to type. I guess I just had it in my mind that they should wait, because I did. Of course, when I was in elementary school home computers were a luxury, not the norm. Now that most homes and schools have multiple computers, I see why younger children need to learn how to type.

We learned how to type with the old sentence, “the quick brown fox jumped over the lazy dog.” This gave us practice using most of the letters in the alphabet. We would type it over and over to gain familiarity and speed. Then, we simply moved on to other sentences, which highlighted capital letters, punctuation, etc. But, they were nonsense sentences, they didn’t mean anything.

Christian Keyboarding products help students in grades K-12 learn proper touch typing techniques that take them from the classroom setting to the workplace.  They learn Bible verses as they learn word processing and computer skills.

I love that Keyboarding for the Christian School uses Scripture to help children learn to type. Once they master their hand placement and how to move around, they practice by typing God’s Word. Not only does that work on their typing skills, but it also helps them memorize God’s Word as they practice. Each lesson includes a Scripture at the beginning, so before heading off to work on their skills, they will read God’s Word. It’s like getting a bonus dose of God’s Word shone into their lives and hearts through yet another lesson.

3 Reasons Elementary Children Should Learn to Type

  1. We live in a computer-driven world. Whether or not they choose to go in to a career as a computer tech, engineer or doctor, they will likely use a computer in their field. Computers are used for research as much as designing.
  2. They will communicate by computer. Whether we like it or not, the children of this generation will communicate more by computer than any generation before. Through emails, Facebook, chat rooms and more that has yet to be developed – internet communication is only growing.
  3. At some point, they will likely need to type a paper. At most college’s there are students who hire out the typing of their papers, but that costs money and time. First the student has to hand-write the paper, then re-read it for a rough draft revision, then hand-write it again and eventually give it to the one who will type it up. But, if they can type it up themselves, it will not only save time, but money.

Do your children know how to type? They can! I have some exciting news for you! The creator of Keyboarding for the Christian School, Leanne Beitel, is giving away TEN (10) copies of her curriculum to some lucky In All You Do readers!! Each winner will get to choose from: NIV, KJV, regular font or large font.

And that’s not all! She is offering 25% off products sold on the Christian Keyboarding site. Simply use code: BREED25 at checkout!

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