Sew Its Saturday: DIY Wedding Gifts

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In case you were unaware, June is just around the corner. In other words, the wedding season is quickly approaching!! Now that I’m older and have been out of college for a few years (give or take), I have less and less friends getting married. They’ve moved on to the baby phase of life, which we’ll talk about next week!

Nevertheless, I still have a few friends and younger cousins getting married, so I am continually looking for easy and unique DIY Wedding gifts!!

Today I’d like to share a few of my favorites with you. Some of these I’ve given myself and some of them I just like!! So…here we go!!

My 10 Favorite DIY Wedding Gifts

The Anniversary Album

This is one of my most favorite gifts to give!!! It’s super easy to put together, but is so meaningful to the newlywed couple. I use an 8×8 album, but any size would work. First, I put this poem, printed on vellum, on the inside cover of the album. And across from it I decorate the first page with a few select stickers and their wedding date. Then, each page following has a number beginning with 2 and going through 25. Then, the back cover has a little note from me, again printed on vellum (sample included in poem download).

I usually include a little note in the gift telling them this is an Anniversary Album. It’s here for you to record your Anniversary yearly with a picture and a brief description of what you did to celebrate. Wrap it up and VOILA!!! You’re done!

When I first heard of this idea, I loved it so much I made one for us too! It’s such a simple way to record our Anniversaries!

Framed Wedding Invitation

This is such a sweet gift. You can do so many different things with it. You can simply frame the invitation in a small, single opening frame. You can frame the written part of the invitation and leave an opening for their wedding picture. You can super-impose their wedding invite over one of their wedding pictures, which gives a soft, vellum look (this of course would have to be done after the wedding). The possibilities are endless!!

Engraved kitchen ware

Is this not the most beautiful thing EVER?! And though it make take some time, patience and a steady hand – I think it would make a perfect wedding gift!!! Or even an anniversary gift?! And I love that you can do this on anything glass!

Customized Cake Carriers

If the Bride-to-be loves to bake, then this gift is for her!!! You can order them online here – or get crafty and make it yourself!! All you need is sticky vinyl and then a Cricut or similar machine to cut out your letters and dots!! It’s just that easy and it’s so darn cute!!! I think I might just make one for myself!

Personalized Treat Containers

What newlywed couple doesn’t need a set of Tupperware or Gladware contaniters? These are SUPER cute and oh-so-easy to make!!! Kierste gives you a easy-to-follow tutorial too!! You could decorate them for the holidays, their wedding colors, their kitchen colors – the possibilities are endless!!

DIY Cookie Sheet Magnet Board

A cute, simple project to dress up any newlywed kitchen!!! This DIY cookie sheet magnet board is so simple and quick to make. And again, you can customize it any way you like! Match their wedding theme, bathroom colors, kitchen colors, general house colors and the list goes on and on!

DIY Plates

These plates are simply elegant, don’t you think?! These two plates would add pizzazz and style to any newlywed kitchen!! The tutorials (monogram and writing) are so thorough and easy to follow that you’re sure to make these a hit with any Bride!!! My mind is reeling with possibilities for this project too!!

DIY Family Sign

This sign is almost to easy to be true!! Simply lay out the tile backsplash in a pattern, glue them down, paint wooden letters to match/coordinate with the frame, hot glue them down and voila! You’ve got a family sign!! Again, the endless color possibilities make this project so easily customizable that it’s sure to fit any newlyweds décor!!

Framed Monogram

This stunning framed monogram will dress up any entry way! And its super-duper easy to do yourself!! All you need are large vinyl letters for the monogram, a large picture frame and some paint (optional). Simply paint the picture frame (if necessary), apply the vinyl letters to the glass, secure the glass in the frame and leave the back of the frame out. That’s it!! What I wouldn’t give to have this hanging in my own entry way or above the fireplace! Hmmm…maybe I’ll make one this summer?!

Personalized Canvas

This project is so simple and versatile it’s not even funny!! Just glue wooden letters on a canvas (in a pattern if you like, even) and paint a solid color over the whole thing!! It’s just that easy!! Again…endless possibilities!!! Do you see a theme here?! You could use a portion of a poem, Scripture, a phrase the Bride and Groom say to each other, whatever!!! Simple and elegant!

So there ya have it!!! My 10 favorite DIY Wedding Gifts!! Can you tell I love to make things?! Now, if I could just find the time to make them all would be right with the crafting world. Okay…probably not, since I’m not the world’s greatest crafter, but at the very least my house would look like I actually had style! LOL

So, what was your favorite Wedding gift? Do you have a go-to gift for weddings?

Feel free to share in the comments below or link up to a wedding gift you made yourself!!

Next Saturday: DIY Baby gifts!!!



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  1. Can you copy/paste the anniversary album poem for me , by chance? The download isn’t working and I’d really love to know what it says so I can include it on the one Im making 🙂 Thanks!!

    1. Hi Danielle. I will get that up for you as soon as I can! Send me an email: [email protected] and I can email it to you!! I would love to see your finished product too!!!


  2. Will do and I Emailed you! Thanks so much! 🙂

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