Teachable Tuesdays: Homeschooling While Prepping for the Holidays

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I know most people probably just forget the schooling during the holidays, but over the past several years, I’ve realized that Mister Bull does so much better when he stays on a schedule. Especially when Mommi and Daddy are busy – it helps keeps his brain occupied!!

So, am I crazy for schooling my kids during the preparation of the holidays? Maybe. But, I would probably be even crazier if I didn’t! You see my kids are so used to their routine, that if we go more than a day without one, they are just WILD!!! And duringHolidayprep days – that’s no good. Everyone ends up unhappy, cranky and in a bad mood. So this year…we’re going to *try* and avoid the meltdowns, the crankiness and wild-out-of-control behavior.

Here are 5 things that will (hopefully) allow us to keep to a somewhat “normal” schedule while I’m cooking and preparing for the Holidays.

1.  Plan Ahead! – Planning the cooking schedule ahead of time will help alleviate stress. It will also allow you to do some cooking in the days prior to the event, so that things run smoother, not only in the kitchen but also in the house in general.

2. Unit Studies are GREAT!! – You may not want to do a full day school schedule, but Unit Studies that relate to the upcoming holiday are a great way to keep little minds occupied and teach them at the same time!!

3. Crafts – Have LOTS of craft supplies on hand!! This will allow their creative juices to flow while you’re busy preparing the food. Who knows…you may be able to use some of them around for decoration!

4. Involve them – Ask them to help you with the baking/cooking. You can use that time to teach themMATH in measuring and SCIENCE in figuring out why something cooks the way it does (i.e. why a cake or bread rises).

5. Take A “Time-Out” – Even though you may be hard at work, the kids need you to take a break and have fun with them for a bit. Go outside, rake some leaves and take pictures of them jumping in the piles. Then have them collect some of their “favorite leaves” before coming inside. Come inside for some Hot Cocoa and a movie for the kids while you laminate the leaves for placemats!!

Do you choose to school the kids during the holidays? Why or why not?

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