Teachable Tuesdays: Our New School Days

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About a week ago I was reading my blog subscriptions when I came across something AMAZING!!!! You see, our school time has been lacking in several areas and I am the first to admit that being “creative” with school work is difficult for me (to say the least). I was the student who loved papers. I loved writing everything. And I loved that I turned those papers in for a pretty, shiny grade! Yep…I was a nerd!

Mister Bull, however, is a visionary. A free-spirit. A very tactile learner. We do not see eye-to-eye on most things. In fact, he questions nearly everything he’s taught, which isn’t always a bad thing because it means he’s at least thinking. Me – I took in the knowledge and just believed what I was taught (at least in elementary school).

He has a lot of difficulty with Spelling because, well let’s face it, the English language has many, many rules for letters and sounds. But once you learn them, so many words BREAK them! This completely frustrates Mister Bull, whereas I just learned how to spell by memorizing them. And I just did it. No questions asked. So to say that we butt-heads is an understatement.

So far this school year (we started at the beginning of July), we’ve mostly done papers. He finishes them in the morning and then he’s done. While that was great for him, I also knew we needed to do more for our school time. We have not yet started on our History, Science or Bible curriculum. Mostly because it takes a lot of my time with the reading and I was still recovering from my sickness. But, I also realized that I needed to be intentional about making those subjects more hands-on and tactile for him. Last year I just read the material and we talked about it, but it didn’t really seem like he grasped it. So, this year I want to make sure he not only hears it, but remembers it – and has fun doing it.

So, this week we have implemented a new daily HANDS-ON activity with our Calendar Notebooks! The minute I saw these on a blog I read, I knew they would be perfect for us!! After I read all about their notebooks, I started searching the different links and just absolutely fell in LOVE with this idea! I even found aTOTversion for Mister Mouse and Miss Priss.

So, I waited until we refilled our ink cartridges and set out to print pages and pages for the 3 notebooks. I combined several different ideas to make Mister Bull’s notebook what I wanted. The Middles’ notebooks include a weather graphing page (which they pretty much just color on) and numbers 1-9 and their letters. I found the Tot notebooks here and used the weather page from here.

Mister Bull’s notebook is a little more complicated though. I used several different sites and picked out what would work best for him. I’m going to attempt to break it down for you here.

From this site, I used the following:

  • ________ of the Day printables – I used this to make my own version.  Since my Middles are still learning their shapes, colors and letters we will have those rotate weekly rather than daily, so I made my own page and changed that wording. I also changed the Trait to weekly. We need to work on them for more than a day around here! Haha But if you have older kids, hers would be perfect to use just the way it is!!! She also includes someFUNand catchy songs in printable form on this one!
  • I used her Weather/Season printable. This and the one above are on our board for everyone to see and participate in.

(Download the following at the bottom of her page under “Calendar Notebook”)

  • All the print pages (numbers, months, days of the week, shapes, colors,
  • Today’s number is…
  • Word Family (we’ve not done these yet, but we need to start!)
  • Sight Words to help him with his Spelling list
  • TheUnited States of America

From this site, I used the Days in School printable. I love this printable as it helps reinforce what he’s learning in math!!

From this site, I used the following:

  • Monthly calendars with traceable numbers
  • Today’s Date
  • Days of School Tally Sheet

From this site, I used the following:

  • 100 Days of School printable
  • The next page, which includes: What is Today, The Date (before, after), writing the number and number word, What time is it? And What’s the Temperature?
  • What was the weather each month?
  • I can write my name
  • The monthly pages (both the blank calendar with the stars and the monthly weather pages)

So there ya have it!! Mister Bull’s complete Calendar Notebook. I know it may seem like a lot of work, but he has quite a bit of trouble with remembering his math facts, so I wanted to do a couple of fun things that reinforce that with him. You can do more than this or less depending on what your child needs. The wonderful thing about these notebooks are that you can tailor them to what each of your children needs!!!

Here are some things I did in our notebooks to make as much of them non-consumable as possible. The Middles notebook pages are laminated for durability and so they can’t remove the pages from a page protector. I let them color, draw and write on them with Dry Erase markers as recommended by Carisa at 1+1+1=1. I used mostly page protectors in Mister Bull’s notebook, which will allow us to change out pages if we need to.

We started our notebooks this morning as a new routine for starting our school day. I even snuck in a picture of them working away!!

Don’t they look hard at work?

Over the next few Tuesdays I hope to bring you some more ways we are “improving” and re-vamping our boring school work!! So I hope you’ll join me next Tuesday as I bring you some hands-on ideas for History!!



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