Weekly Homeschool Wrap-up: Our First week back

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This week has been an adventure. Last Saturday I attended a HUGE craft show in our area. I go every year with my grandma and this year was no different. It opened at 9am(I was there at 8:45) and I got back home at 3:45pm. It was a very long day to say the least. I wore my new tennis shoes (which I love) and felt great walking around. I got a little tired at the end, but who wouldn’t – right?!

Well, that night I came home feeling great, cause I’d walked probably 2+ miles that day and wouldn’t you know that getting up from the dinner table my sciatic nerve reminded me it was there! UGH!!! So this week I’ve hobbled around as best I could to keep up with housework and I’m doing pretty well. The back is still sore, but getting better – slowly.

But that didn’t stop us from starting back up this week. We got off to a slow start Monday and Tuesday, but caught back up Wednesday and today. I didn’t take any pictures of us schooling, because…well, frankly we’re pretty boring! Mister Bull did great on completing his papers and we both love our new system.

Isn’t it pretty?? I like all the colors! But, that’s not really why I love our new system. Well, it’s part of it. Since I decided this year I would plan 9-10 weeks at a time, I needed a system. So file folders and hanging folders it was. I have 12 hanging folders set up for our school.

 * The hanging folders numbered 1-11 hold 5 colored file folders labeled Mon – Friday. I put all of his paperwork for each day in these folders.

* In the very front, I have a hanging folders labeled “Papers to Grade.” When Mister Bull completes his daily paper work, he simply brings that day’s folder and puts it in this one for me to grade later.

* Each week I will rotate the folders up, so that Mister Bull is always pulling from the #1 hanging folder. This way doesn’t get confused. And, as I can will copy more papers and put them in the back.

I realize this system may not work for everyone, but it is working for us so far. I will keep you posted as we progress through the year.

In other news, we took a break from our ho-hum, normal routine on Thursday and went to a local park/splash pad. I read about it on a friends’ blog (she also lives in the area) and I knew we had to visit it for ourselves. I created a few digital scrapbook pages for your viewing pleasure!


I used Creative Memories Storybook Creator Plus 3.0 to create these amazing pages. I absolutely love this program!! It’s so versatile and easy to use – really!! And I am in total control of what my pages look like as well as the fonts, backgrounds, enhancements, etc. I love it!!!

 My Favorite Resource this Week:

Even though we haven’t been “schooling” the past few weeks/month, I have still been reading my emails, doing research and finding new resources. A few weeks ago we bought a couple of Kindle Fire’s. We love them!!!! In doing so, we’ve found some GREAT learning apps for our kids. I want to share a few of those with you today. I hope to do more research and find more wonderful apps in the coming weeks, but for now here’s a list of my favorites.

Kindle Fire Apps for Kids

The Kindle Reader, of course!!! Mister Bull loves to read on the Kindle! I have to remind him that we still have some GREAT books in hard/softback. Lol

Preschool Apps

Preschool and Kindergarten Learning Games – it comes with 1 game in each of 3 categories (Basics, Language & Math). The free Basics game is matching shapes & colors. Mister Mouse played this game for nearly 20 minutes this week! It was amazing!!!! He never does anything for 20 minutes, let alone “school” work! He didn’t quite get the counting game, but he will. The full version includes 9 games and only costs $.99!!!! Now that’s a deal!

Kids Doodle – this doodle app is simple, yet fun for the kids. As they run their fingers across the screen it shows up in neon colors. A different color shows up each time you lift your finger. Right now my 3yr old just doodles on it for fun. But, I plan to eventually use this to help him write his letters and numbers. It would be fun and different than just doing it on plain ol’ paper!

Elementary Age

Word Shaker – this is similar to Scramble with Friends, but the letters are bigger and the words are simpler. This is a GREAT spelling tool!!!

Sudoku Free – of course we all know what Sudoku is. This is a great thinking game for kids. There are various levels so that kids of all ages can play.

Amazon: Hidden Expedition – Kids are in search of the missing professor. In order to find the professor they must first uncover clues in the various stages. You can complete 3 stages in the free version. The full version is $3.99. I see this app good for geography, history and just using their brain to find the hidden objects/clues. It reminds me of the days when I played “Where in the World is Carmen Sandiego?” Ahhh…memories.

Any Age

Kids Paint & Color – the free version comes with 6 animal and bird pictures for kids to “color” and gallery they can display them in. The nice thing about this app is that they not only can choose their colors, but the little ones can color with ease. Wherever they put their finger first is where the color will stay (within the lines), but the older kids have the freedom to use a brush (and pick a size) if they would like. The full version has 30 images of animals and birds for just $1.99!!!

Do you or your kids have any favorite apps to share?? Feel free to share you favorite experiment, tip, idea or just a word of encouragement for others!!



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This Post Has 4 Comments

  1. I really appreciate your Creative Memories digital layouts. I am very interested in doing some kind of digital scrapbooking like this.

    I hope your back is feeling better. I know how hard it is to homeschool while you have back pain.

    Thanks so much for linking with Collage Friday!

    1. Mary, the CM program is so VERY simple to use!!! (And reasonably priced!!!) I love not having to drag all my “stuff” out just to make a few pages. I do still try to get away every once in a while to do the traditional scrapbooking (I have some albums that need finishing), but I think once I’m done with those I will go strictly digital. So much easier and NO clean up! 😉

      My back is finally doing better most days. We’ve managed to school every day this past week too!! WOW!

      I LOVE linking up with you, when I remember to take pictures! lol

      Thanks for hosting!

  2. Looks like you have an organizing system set up that’s working well for you 🙂
    The splash pad looks like tons of fun!
    Thanks for sharing all of your favorite Kindle Fire apps with Favorite Resources…it’s always good to hear others’ opinions on what works well.

    1. So far the system is working well. AND…it’s helping me keep up with the record-keeping. So it’s a WIN-WIN in my book!! We’ll see how it continues to work throughout the year.
      The kids have been begging to go back to that Splash Pad all week! LOL
      Hopefully those apps will help some others too!! And now I’ve found a new app that you can use to block anything you don’t want your kids to have access to!! It’s GREAT!

      Thanks for hosting, Susan!

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