Why You Should Speak Words of Affirmation to Your Kids (FREE Printable Pack)

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You’ve probably heard the phrase, “Sarcasm is my love language.” I know I’ve seen on t-shirts, posters and even mugs. And while I love a good sarcastic remark, I was also struck by how detrimental sarcasm could be. Especially when used on my own children.

Over the past few months I have been convicted about the words and phrases I speak to my children. Often times we are joking and say things to be silly, but they could easily tear them down and make them think otherwise. When I realized what I had been doing, I literally broke down in tears.

I sat and wept for an hour, all because I had spoken sarcastically to my children in a moment of weakness. Rather than taking the time to stop what I was doing and really focus on the correction that needed to be given, I reverted to sarcasm to drive my point home.

It wasn’t my finest parenting moment.

Have you ever spoke Words of Affirmation to your children? But where do you start? These tips can help get you started. Plus download your own printable pack with over 30 days of affirmation to speak over your children (and yourself). #wordsofaffirmation #parents #parenting #iaydcommunity

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I have also been convicted about the way I think about myself. I can honestly say, I am my own worst critic. The way I speak to or about myself has a profound impact on what I truly believe. I am constantly putting myself down when something doesn’t go the way I think it should or I’m having a bad day. Sometimes I don’t even realize it until my kids say something to the contrary.

Words Affect Our Beliefs

Our words also affect what we believe about others and about the world. And the words that are spoken to us by others can also influence the way we think. Which is why it is important to always be renewing our minds with the word of God, as scripture is truth and will enable us to recognize when we are believing lies.

Learning to do this for ourselves will equip us as parents to teach our children to do the same. We do not want to fill our children’s minds and hearts with untruths or half-truths. Rather, we want them to know the truth – about God and about themselves.

Words Have Meaning

One important lesson I have tried to teach my children is that words have meaning. Words shouldn’t be tossed around lightly. The minute they leave your mouth, they have an impact and you cannot take them back. Of course you can apologize for what you said, but those words have already made an impression.

So we are constantly practicing and reminding our children that they need to slow down and think about what they want to say before they say it, rather than lash out in anger or frustration. It doesn’t always happen and there is a lot of training involved, but I have noticed a lot more good days than bad now, which is encouraging.

Speak Words of Affirmation to Your Children

Another thing I have been convicted of recently is speaking words of truth and affirmation to my kids. I want them to know God’s Word intimately more than anything. And not only that, but His truths that are in His Word that apply to His children. I am trying to do better at saying these to my children on a regular basis, but it isn’t always easy.

These affirmations will help you get off to a great start as you begin speaking truths to your children in a more intentional yet still organic way. And you may find that they resonate with you in a new way as you go through each day and determine how you will convey its message to your children.

How to Share and Record Your Words

One way to share these affirmations with your children may be to buy each of them a special notebook to write their affirmations in each day of the month. That may be all you have them do, or you could ask them to write down several ways they think that day’s affirmation applies to them.

For example when they write “I am beautiful”, maybe they could add phrases like “because I care about others, my eyes are a deep shade of chocolate brown, or I help my grandmother with her errands.” No matter how you do this in your home, simple or elaborate, affirming your children for who they are is an impactful and encouraging way to show them your love and to help them love themselves.

Download Your Own Affirmation Chart & Cards

Have you ever spoke Words of Affirmation to your children? But where do you start? These tips can help get you started. Plus download your own printable pack with over 30 days of affirmation to speak over your children (and yourself). #wordsofaffirmation #parents #parenting #iaydcommunity

Each one of us was created by God for a purpose. Throughout life, we can sometimes get sidetracked and begin to believe that we have no purpose. But maybe it’s that we simply don’t understand yet what our purpose is. However, we must remember He is always refining us and molding us into the person He wants us to be, if we will just let Him.

Hearing the truth about what God thinks of us and who He says we are is so important for us as adults, and equally important for our children. So be sure to add in what God says, too, as you are affirming your children for all of their many abilities and beautiful character traits. You can use this printable pack to help you track and remember all the different ways God cares for His children.

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  1. I agree with the idea that our words should speak hope & affirmation and not negative. Though I try I find myself often wishing I could have kept my mouth shut.

  2. I am so glad that you are helping us learn to speak in ways that encourage our children! I love your blog!

    1. Thank you! It is something that has been weighing on me for some time. It isn’t easy. And I just knew reminders would help me.

  3. Thank you for the reminder to speak words that build up instead of dwelling on the negatives and speaking words that tear down!

  4. I signed up. This is something I need to do more of everyday!

  5. Affirmations and encouraging words daily, you never know what someone is truly going through and this would help out a lot in such trying times.

    1. This is so true. There is so much pain and heartache in the world today. Kindness goes a long way!

  6. Encourage one another & build each other up! We definitely need to speak affirming words to our children!

  7. Thank you for this article and resource. It’s something that I need to incorporate more, I just always want to be careful to only speak words that are truthful because they have such a stronger impact. Kids know the difference between truthful and untruthful words of affirmation, and I certainly do too. Thank you for this reminder.

    1. They definitely know the difference! Truthful is always best!

  8. Thank you so much!

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