Election Building Task Cards

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It’s no secret that the presidential elections have become quite heated over the last few cycles. Each “side” believes theirs is the best and they know what is right. Regardless of who you vote for, we all want our children to understand the process of voting and its value in our government.

Teaching our children about the election process, even at the local level, is important. Start by teaching them what the voting booth is, what a ballot looks like and why we need debates. Even if they only grasp the basics of the election process, they can build on that as they grow and learn. 

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Many kids find elections, and politics in general, rather dull and boring. So how can we make it a little more exciting? Let’s try some hands-on activities to bring elections to life. One way we can do that is with Building Task Cards.

Building Task Cards

Now I don’t know about you, but I didn’t really know about task cards until a few years ago. My kids love to play with LEGO bricks and they even play Minecraft with each other. So I love using those two enjoyments for educational purposes when I can.

Giving them a set of building task cards with a specific item or scene they need to create is a great way to increase their knowledge of the subject. They ask questions about the item or scene and then we can discuss it while they build. It’s a win-win!

How to build with building bricks

As I mentioned, my kids love to build with their LEGO bricks. They have been known to build entire movie sets and fantasy lands as they play for hours. But with Building Task Cards, it’s a little different. You can give them a bin of bricks to start building the item on their card, or you can encourage them to help each other and build together. We have done both. Sometimes giving them separate pieces and then asking them to merge them together is a fun way to create a new “land” they can play with together.

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Mock Election Printable Pack sample pages

Using Task Cards in Minecraft

My kids would spend hours a day on Minecraft if we let them. The only time we let them go over their one-hour daily limit is when we use it for educational purposes. Building Task Cards is a fun and inventive way to incorporate some education into their playtime.

Encourage them to build a new world together where they can complete the task cards and fully create the world together. Have them draw the cards out of a hat or pick ones they want and let them work individually but within the same world. Before long, you’ll be amazed at what they come up with to complete their world.

Doodle Your Way Through

If you have artistic children rather than “gaming” children, you can encourage them to create their own masterpieces with paper and pencil. Or grab some paints and let them use the task cards to inspire a new work of art. Who knows…maybe you’ll even display it on your wall!

Check out our Madam President Book Study

Madam President Book Activities with sample pages

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Gray background with Election Building Task Card samples overlaid

Teach your kids about the election process with this fun, hands-on Building Task Cards set. Use them with building bricks, Minecraft, and even doodling! 

To download the Election Building Task Cards, simply add it to your cart and then checkout. **Upon checkout, you will be added to my Weekly Newsletter list.**

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