Fall Back into Homeschooling with Fine Arts

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Education is so much more than the traditional reading, writing, and arithmetic. As a music major, I believe no education is complete without studying the fine arts. However, if you’re not a music or art major teaching fine arts in your homeschool might be a little overwhelming.

The reason many parents struggle to teach fine arts is that they likely don’t know where to start! Teaching music, dance, or even theatre can be hard if you are not an artist, however, providing a balanced education for your kids makes it worth it. Here are my top 5 tips for teaching fine arts in your homeschool classroom.

When you mention teaching fine arts many people freeze. However, homeschooling with fine arts doesn't have to be difficult. Here's how. #finearts #artappreciation #homeschooling #homeschoolers

Ideas on Homeschooling with Fine Art

Field trips

This might sound like a cheap way to educate your kids, but this is a great way to teach your kids about music and art without being an artist yourself! Utilize those field trip opportunities to take them to the opera, ballet, local theatre, or symphony. Have them read a play before seeing it live or learn about the history of the music and composer before they see a concert.

Use online and digital resources

There are plenty of online options available to help teach your kids about the fine arts. From books to movies and even online lectures you can provide your kids will all kinds of information and hands-on instruction without being able to do it yourself! YouTube and other streaming sites have a wealth of knowledge and history to share that don’t involve you picking up an instrument.

You don’t have to be an expert

The whole point of adding fine arts in their homeschool curriculum is not only to help expand their educational curriculum but to offer them something beyond the basics. You don’t have to be an expert painter to encourage your children to create a masterpiece they’re proud of! Find ways to teach them about the basics, and let their creativity do the rest!

Weave it into your current curriculum

If you are worried about cramming too many lessons into your homeschool curriculum, look for ways to weave it in naturally. When studying history, mention famous composers and artists that lived during that time period. Have your children do independent study projects relating to the fine arts, and encourage art projects with your lesson plans. This can be a great and easy way to make sure your curriculum is still fun yet encourages the creativity fine arts provide.

Private classes or tutor

If you are not able to teach a fine arts subject your child is interested in, consider hiring someone to come teach private classes a few times a week. This can be a great opportunity for your child to learn an instrument, paint something amazing, or learn a new skill such as dance or theatre from a professional.

Whether you’re a musician, artist or neither, adding fine arts into your homeschool is easier than you think. These are my top 5 tips, but there are many more options. Check out my favorite resources for learning fine arts online.


Art Appreciation Made Easy

Enrichment Studies offer art appreciation products that feature printable Fine Art pages that provide a natural, organic way to enjoy and become familiar with art, without taking up your planning or teaching time!

The concept is simple: Print ’em out, put ’em up, watch the magic happen as your whole family responds! There are so many different ways to use these Fine Art pages. Use them as writing prompts, drawing prompts (ask them to recreate a portion of the art piece), encourage them to look at the shading, light, colors, etc. These are all ways to help them improve and learn to appreciate art!



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