Learn about Architecture and Engineering at Home

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Every year I search out new curriculum whether or not we need a change, because I am always looking for new options. Sometimes we try them and sometimes I put them in my back pocket for future reference. This year I was offered the opportunity to check out a brand new online set of engineering and architect classes and I jumped at the chance.

Since my oldest was able to sit on his own, he has been building and putting things together. He has spent countless hours meticulously putting together large LEGO sets. He has used spare boxes and tubes to create “masterpieces” in his mind that he used for imaginary play that he would spend hours outside re-enacting scenes from his imagination.

So when I heard about these courses from Innovators Tribe, I was intrigued and excited to check them out. So far we have done a couple of classes in each and I have to tell you…they are fabulous!

Do you have a middle or high schooler interested in architecture or engineering? We have found a wonderful program that allows you to work at your own pace, uses very little supplies, is available online 24/7 and can earn you a 1/4 high school credit...all from home! Find out more! :: www.inallyoudo.net

Note: I received access to these classes in exchange for a review of the product. All thoughts and opinions are my own. I was not required to write a positive review. 

Not only are the classes easy to use and follow along, they are well thought out. They are presented in short sessions to kids do not get overwhelmed with the material or bored with a 45-minute lecture. These classes have quickly and easily become part of our regular homeschool routine.

And while these classes are geared toward the 5th-9th grade ages, my younger children are completely fascinated with the projects and experiments our oldest is doing.

My husband is a very smart man and loves to tinker and figure things out, so I knew these classes would be a hit with our own children – especially the engineering class. Normally I would have my son choose a class and stick with it through the end, however; I opted to have him try both classes for a few lessons before pursuing which class he wanted to complete first.

Of course, it was no surprise that he chose Engineering, but he really did enjoy both of them and can’t wait to return to the architect class later on.

What I like about this curriculum:

Well thought out and organized – This is a big one for my oldest. If things are chaotic and not well organized, he simply checks out. That’s why we try so many different curriculum’s for him and some we love, some we don’t. This one is on our love list for sure! The videos and site are both simple and easy to follow and understand, which makes learning fun, rather than work!

Easy-to-follow sessions – Even though my oldest is 13, he is a very active boy. He loves to play outside (mostly basketball, as he is now almost 5’10.5″) and enjoys playing video games that keep his interest. Short, easy-to-follow lessons work best for him, however, because these lessons are laid out so well, he is completely in-tune to them. The printable journal pages help him keep notes and follow along as well.

Self-paced for one-year – With a busy family of 6 kids, we do a rotation schedule for most of our electives, so I love that these courses are available to view for one-year. I love that we can go back and review lessons as needed and even take breaks in the middle if necessary. I find this a huge advantage when homeschooling multiple ages and life happens. Each class is approximately 30 hours of viewing and project time, which is enough for a 1/4 credit class for high school! Add in a couple of extra projects or a bigger scale project and you’ve easily got a 1/2 or full credit class!

I don’t have to teach! – You might think this sounds strange coming from a homeschool mom who wants to teach her children at home, but hear me out. There are just some subjects I am not comfortable teaching. Yes, I could study hours and hours to learn what I need to in order to teach these subjects, but why do that when someone else already qualified is willing?! I am not a fan of co-ops for our own personal reasons, but I do allow online classes in our homeschool, when I can watch and hear what is being taught. This is a major plus in my book, especially when it is a subject my child is passionate about and wants to learn more!

With a large family, price is always an issue and deciding factor for our curriculum choices. These courses run $149 for the one-year access, which I think is very reasonable for a specialized course. These aren’t courses that just anyone can teach, so I think it the price point is fair.

However…thru the end of August, you can enroll in these classes for just $89.40, which is 40% off!!

Right now they have 3 courses, with more in the works! Your child can enroll in Thinking Like an Engineer, Thinking Like an Architect and Robotics and Automation. If you’re interested in all 3, you can get them for 55% off right now! But hurry…these offers won’t last long! Click below to check it out or enroll now!


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