Learn Coding with Minecraft

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My Dad was a self-taught computer programmer. He was possibly the smartest and most talented man I’ve ever known – and he didn’t have a clue. While I inherited his love of music and art, I did not inherit his knowledge of coding and computers. Over the last 4 years since I moved my site to WordPress, I have worked on learning some of the backend. I do know a little bit of coding now, just enough to be dangerous, but not enough to be fluent. And that’s the reason I hired a tech person – so I wouldn’t mess anything up…at least not permanently. However, one day (soon I hope) I would love for one of my children to be my tech person.

Did you know kids SHOULD learn coding? And now they can with Minecraft!! Find out how now! :: www.inallyoudo.net

But first, they need to learn coding. It is a language that will serve them in many areas of life, whether they become a computer programmer or not. And right now Minecraft fans can enjoy learning to code while creating their own mod and seeing it come to life. I have three Minecraft fans in the house and I can’t wait to get them started on coding. This is such a fun way to learn coding!

Reasons Why Kids Should Learn to Code

Kids Learn to Code - Educents Graphic

  1. Ideas will become reality. If they can dream it, they can build it with a computer!
  2. Code is one of the world’s most used languages. Across the world, coders are using the same language to build websites and programs for others to use.
  3. Kids learn faster when they are young.
  4. Coding encourages critical thinking and problem solving.
  5. Open your child to possibilities. With coding experience, kids can apply for computer science internships and jobs.

About Youth Digital’s Mod Design program

One great way for kids to learn how to code is using Youth Digital‘s Mod Design program. The mission of this program, and all of Youth Digital’s programs, is to empower kids to create with technology. Minecraft kids will learn to modify the game with this year-long online course that teaches kids programming with Java™. Code their own Minecraft mod from start to finish and watch as the end result becomes a unique, shareable Minecraft mod that they built from scratch.YouthDigital Educents1

  • For Minecraft kids ages 8 to 13
  • Kids learn at their own pace
  • Lessons are easy to follow (minimum adult help needed)
  • Students must already have Minecraft for PC or Mac

Youth Digital’s courses are available at a discount on Educents.com.

Buy Now

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