Teaching Your Child to Hear God’s Voice

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“How do you know when God is talking to you?”

“How do you know the voice you hear is God’s?”

These are recent questions my 10-year old has been asking. Questions I have not wanted to answer, simply because they are difficult – even for me. How do I know when God is talking to me and giving me advice? Is there any way to tell? How can we teach our children to hear God’s voice?

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My most important “job” as a parent is teaching my kids to have a love of Jesus Christ and a living faith. If I can’t or don’t do that…I have failed. I don’t care if my kids become a world-famous architect or a stay-at-home mom. What is most important is that they learn to listen and follow God’s leading for their life.

While trying to explain how to hear an inaudible voice to my 10-year old, it dawned on me that I am not that good at listening to hear Him myself. This brought on a long and wonderful conversation with him that I will always cherish and hope it sticks with him and helps him learn to hear God’s voice.

But how?

How do we teach them to hear a voice that isn’t audible?

  1. Teach them to read God’s Word – Reading God’s Word is key in learning to hear God’s voice and leading in their life. If they don’t know what God’s word says, how will they know the difference between society, Satan and God? Reading God’s word is how we see and learn His nature. God will never go against His nature. It isn’t possible. So if what you want “permission” to do goes against anything He’s ever done, it won’t be God telling you to do it.
  2. Teach them to listen – From the time my kids were in my womb, I was teaching them to listen. We would have nice quiet conversations in the shower. I would read to them. I would play music almost constantly. They were learning to listen. After they were born, I continued to talk to them. They would turn their head whenever I or their Daddy would speak – they knew our voices. We don’t have to tell our children, “This is Mommi talking, listen to me.” They know our voices. However, listening is a difficult thing to learn and understand, especially when we don’t hear an audible voice. So how do we hear God’s voice? After reading His word, we spend time in prayer. Spending time in prayer helps us to quiet down and really listen for God’s leading.
  3. Teach them to know what God’s voice sounds like – After reading God’s Word and learning to be silent and listen, His voice will become more and more clear. While most of the time the voice isn’t an audible, “Yes” or “No”, it is often a feeling we can’t deny. Usually a sense of overwhelming peace comes over me when I know that I am following God’s will and direction. Often times it isn’t a decision I would normally make or a direction I would normally go, because it goes against my nature or selfish desire. I am a behind-the-scenes, quiet personality that does not like the spotlight. So when I’m given the opportunity to speak at a women’s banquet and God says “Yes,” I do it instead of running for the hills. Now that doesn’t mean all decisions which require you to go against your nature are from God. You still need to read God’s word and listen for His voice to lead you.
  4. Teach them to seek wise, biblical counsel – As children, we want them to confide in us and talk to us about all the issues and problems they face. As adults, we want them to seek wise, biblical counsel – whether from a pastor, friend or you, their parent. But, what’s important is that they realize decisions don’t have to be made alone. God has given us a body of believers, pastors, trusted friends and even our parents to talk with, ask questions and help us pray over decisions and situations.

How have you taught your children to hear God’s voice?

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