What To Do When Everyone Else Goes Back-to-School

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As a homeschool family, we don’t look forward to the back to school season the same way traditional schooling families do. The best part for us is the trip to go shopping for more school supplies we don’t actually need, but we might, plus…they’re on sale. After that think about everything that is empty. You’ll have places like the pool all to yourself. Here are some ideas on how to make the most of the time when everyone goes back to school.

What do you like to do when everyone else goes back to school? We have a few fun traditions with our kids, but today I'm sharing a few more! :: www.inallyoudo.net

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Plan a not back to school party

Let your little ones eat ice cream in their PJs and watch as the bus drives by. The first day of school is all about learning the rules and getting to know the teacher, but you don’t have to worry about that so make it a day about fun. And when the neighborhood kids get out of school, invite them to come on over and celebrate the first day of school too. Make it a party for everyone!

Go on a vacation

When school starts back up, family vacations slow down and off-peak pricing for accommodations start to take effect. Now is a great time to find sales and easier to get time off of work because everyone else has already finished their traveling and the holiday season hasn’t started yet.

Go to the pool or water park

With kids back in school, the local pools and water parks are nearly empty during the day, but still open for those last few bits of summer weather. because your kids are available it is the perfect time to take the kids to the water parks and get in a last bit of fun before the cooler fall air moves in without waiting in lines.

Plan a field trip

Just like the water parks all of your favorite field trip locations are empty and you can visit them without the weekend and summer rush. Pick a day and get out with the kids to visit the aquarium, science center, and local historical sights, crowd-free. This is the perfect time to do field trips at popular tourist attractions near your home too!

Volunteer with your children

As students and teachers go back to school a lot of local charities and program lose valuable volunteers that no longer have spare time. As a homeschooling family, you may find that you have more time to spare during the day than others and volunteering is a great way to put that time to good use.

Don’t dive head first into school projects with your children that first day, or even week. While traditionally schooled children are hitting the academics hard, there’s no reason to waste the days at the beginning of the school year. Get outside and enjoy the perfect weather. You will have plenty of time to catch up on the academics when winter comes!

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