Why Dating Your Spouse Is Important For Your Marriage

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When you decide to get married, you are making a decision for life. This is the person who you chose to spend the rest of your life with, through all the good times and bad. However, the attitude of married couples change after the wedding.

When you were still single, dating was a way to be together and to connect in so many different ways. So why do we stop after the wedding? Or after children come along? Most problems start to arise when couples get busy and quit taking time out for each other.

If you see yourself in this situation, you are not alone.

married couple cuddling with overlay "Why Dating Your Spouse Is Important For Your Marriage"

So, what can you do?

Is it as simple as just changing your habits?

There are a lot of good changes in marriage when couples decide to continue dating after the wedding. But why does this happen? There are 5 key reasons why such a strong correlation exists between date nights and healthy marriages.

Improves Your Communication

When the couple has poor communication, this may lead to unnecessary tension and arguments, which will eventually turn into disappointment. However, by dating your spouse, you can take that dedicated time to clearly communicate about everything.

You can talk about your week – work stresses, kids, activities. Talk about your upcoming calendar. It is also good to have date nights where kids and stresses are “off limits” and you just enjoy each other’s company. Find out something new you didn’t know about each other. Using these date night cards are a great way to mix things up and have a little fun too!

Increases the Romance 

The novelty of the dates with your wife can bring back that same feeling you used to have before you were married. It will seem that you’ve just started dating again. If you don’t regularly open doors for her, surprise her by walking her to the car door and giving her a smooch when you open to let her in.

You’d be surprised what a little romance can do. Maybe you’ll even feel those butterflies in your stomach all over again. And if you want to have some fun with the romance, download our FREE Romance Calendar! It includes 28 days of activities and ideas to help you and your spouse spend time together. 

romance challenge calendar for married couples

A Safe Zone for De-stressing

Married life isn’t easy. It is full of ups and downs. Good times and bad. And you are sure to have disagreements as a couple, because you are both human with separate minds. But there is hope!

Make sure your time together is a “safe zone”. Give each other room to vent so you can help each other work through the stress. Then encourage each other with uplifting words and help find a solution.

Finding a way to decompress and destress with each other is the best thing you can do for your marriage. Learning how each other communicates is one step. Laughter is another. Find what works for you both and do it!

Take the 7-day Marriage Challenge

If you’re looking for a way to reconnect with your spouse, I highly suggest our marriage challenge. This 7-day marriage challenge is delivered directly to your inbox, which makes it easy to do. You can do the challenges as they are delivered or work on each over a period of time. These are just guidelines and encouragement to help you grow together in your marriage.


married couple cuddling with overlay "Why Dating Your Spouse Is Important For Your Marriage"

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