3 Ways Math Can Build Confidence in Children

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I was always good in math. Throughout elementary I continuously worked to get better and faster with my math facts. Mostly because I wanted the recognition in our Facts Masters program, but also because I didn’t like being last. I was never the best, but I was fast enough.

My husband was also very good in math. So when our second child started homeschooling, I honestly thought he would he would do well with math too. Oh how wrong I was! Not only did he despise sitting and doing papers, he flat out struggled with math.

After seeing how much our second child struggled with math, I was determined to find a program that fit. But we found one that did even more! It gave him his confidence back. :: www.inallyoudo.net


The original math curriculum we used was a fantastic base and worked so well for our oldest that I used it with our second and third children as well. That was until I realized it was no longer working for us, but against us.

Our second child struggles with sensory issues and handwriting is one that is seriously difficult. He has beautiful handwriting, even from preschool age, but a lot of writing becomes painful for him. And our math curriculum was writing heavy.

We needed a change.

After we discovered CTCMath several years ago, I realized math didn’t have involve daily tears and struggles. Math could actually be fun and exciting – even for the child who struggles!

Just a few weeks in to our lessons and he was thriving. He was gaining confidence in himself as well as his math skills. I couldn’t believe the transformation.

You may be wondering how math can actually build confidence in your child. Well, I am here to  tell you how, because I’ve seen it with my own eyes and heard it from others I’ve referred to CTCMath. So how can math build confidence in your children? These are just three ways it has helped ours!

Math is like building blocks

Once you master the first level, you move on to the next. Each step builds on the one before, which increases their confidence. Since they are confident in their first step, they feel more confident moving on to the next.

Math helps with life skills

When my kids help me in the kitchen, we use math constantly. They measure ingredients, we use fractions and we talk about volume when we fill up the cake pan or cupcakes. Math is used in everyday life, from cooking and measurements to budgeting for groceries and bills to saving for a new car or house. Mastering basic math skills at a young age will give them confidence as they work to make a living and survive on their own, in the “real” world.

CTCMath gives them more control

Often times kids act like they have a care in the world. However, some children struggle to feel in control of their own life. CTCMath is a great tool to help them learn time management and have more control over their schooling. They can choose how fast or slow they move through the lessons as well as how their grade, by completing more questions as needed. The lessons are in bite-sized pieces, which are easily viewed in less than 10 minutes and allow children to feel more in-control of what they’re learning rather than feeling lost or confused. They can re-watch and pause the video as much as needed, even while going through the questions, to help them continue to grasp the concept.

Now that we have been using this curriculum for several years, I tell everyone I can about it and how much it has changed our homeschool and improved the confidence levels of all our own children.

For In All You Do Readers!

Since we had a medical emergency during the month of April, when our newest child was born 4.5 weeks early and spent 17 days in the NICU, CTCMath is graciously extending their offer to my readers for 60% off, PLUS a bonus 6-months, when you register for the 12-month plan (total 18). Simply click the image below to take advantage of this opportunity now! Offer expires May 31, 2018.

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