Bible Journaling: A new way to study your Bible

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I am a doodler by nature.  When I get a phone call, I am normally doodling while I talk.  When waiting, I doodle.  It relaxes me.  It helps me to focus.

Journaling through the Bible is the newest method of Bible study. It's a wonderful way to remember what you're studying! Part of the 30 Days of Bible series. ::

When I saw the new craze of journaling through a Bible study I was intrigued.  Mostly because it was doodling!
I set out on an online journey to find websites that could help me to figure out this new style of journaling through a Bible Study.  Did you know that there are a lot of resources out there just on this one topic?  So, I did what any good blogger would do, I started a pin board!

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Bible Journaling Tools

Then I made a list of the different styles I liked.  I really liked the simpler ideas best.  The ones that have a Bible, notebook, and colorful pens. So that is what I did.  You can become very elaborate with this.  You can get a journaling Bible, expensive pens, and if you really want you can get fancy – notebooks too!

You know what I use?  I have my favorite Study Bible, some really good pens (I may be a pen addict), and a spiral bound notebook.  I like the grid kind.  I have also used a composition notebook.  I prefer the notebooks because I don’t want to lock myself into what I just journaled in my Bible itself.  I like to fill up one notebook and move to the next, not have to buy a new Bible.  If you don’t want a separate notebook, the journaling Bible may be just what you need.

How to Journal

After gathering my supplies I made a list of the different parts of the Bible I wanted to journal through.  Your list will likely be different than mine, but I will share that with you.  It should be very personal to you.  When deciding on topics, consider them prayerfully.

Things I want to study - Bible Journaling

I found that starting in Creation was FUN for me.   I loved being able to draw out each day of creation.

Journaling Creation

Then I sat down and got to work.  I love to journal during quiet times.  Early morning or late at night work best for me.  Sometimes I get very elaborate and colorful.  I can work an entire sheet of paper with just a few lines of scripture.  Other times I write down the verse and the meaning it holds to me and leave it at that.

Bible Journaling  Sample of Job - Bible Journaling

The truth is, there is no right or wrong way to journal through the Bible.  You just have to get started.  Each time you sit down with the Bible and a pen you are leaving a mark on far more than the paper.  You are writing the Word of God in your heart.  Writing it down leaves a lasting impression.  You are far more likely to retain what you have just studied if you write it down.  Be creative, have fun, but most of all…do it!  Time with God is never wasted!

Other Resources that may help you in your Bible Journaling


Inspire Bible NLT: The Bible for Creative Journaling – if you’re a little nervous about doing your own doodling, try this unique Bible!


Beauty in the Bible: Adult Coloring Book – I just got this one and I am TOTALLY in love with it! I’m not a great artist and don’t feel comfortable doodling and coloring all over my Bible, so this is a great alternative.


“Be Still” Inspirational Adult Coloring Therapy Featuring Psalms – Another Bible coloring book. I like being able to color while reading and even memorizing scripture.


Beauty in the Bible: Volume 2 – Since I love the first one so much, this is now on my wish list. I love the beauty in these pages that so wonderfully compliment the verses they highlight.

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  1. Thank you do much for sharing your experience!!!!!!!!!!! I doodle all the time and will so try this!!!!!! God is so good:-)

  2. Meagan,
    I am so glad you found this article helpful! I pray it is a great resource to your Bible time! Enjoy!!
    <3 Stephanie

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