Encouraging the Kinesthetic Learner in Your Homeschool

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Do you have a kinesthetic learner on your hands? Get excited because this is a great opportunity to homeschool your child and help them learn. There are many ways of encouraging the kinesthetic learner in your homeschool. It’s just a matter of knowing what to do and how to help them!

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Encouraging the Kinesthetic Learning in Your Homeschool

You may be wondering what it looks like to encourage kinesthetic learning. What is a kinesthetic learner? Generally, someone who is a kinesthetic learner needs to carry out learning with physical activities rather than sitting through a lecture or someone talking. 

Go Outdoors

This goes for all kinesthetic learners out there if you can get outdoors and learn, go! There are so many opportunities for learning outside. Being able to touch, feel, and see what is happening outdoors is such a gift. When given the opportunity, make sure you get outside for the sake of your unique learner. 

Teach While They Move

In a traditional classroom setting it’s hard to teach kids while they move. It’s hard to help that one child, so generally, everyone is grouped together. As a homeschooling mom or dad, you get the pleasure of teaching them while they move. You may need to give them breaks more often. You may need to allow them to stand and wiggle as they finish book work. You may need to invest in a seat that allows movement while they sit down. There are lots of ways in which you can teach while they move.

Try Not to Spend Too Much Time Lecturing

It’s important to understand that kinesthetic learners really struggle with sitting through talks and lectures. It’s really hard for them to sit still for a long period of time and this is not encouraging to them. Just remember to keep those talks very short and move onto the hands-on part of the lesson.

Keep Involving Your Child

The beauty of homeschooling is that you can keep pulling your child back into the lesson and keep their interest. When you see them starting to fade or not be interested anymore, you have the power to reel them back in. Keep asking them questions. Keep challenging them. Keep encouraging them to learn. It’s possible to teach a child kinesthetically in homeschooling. It just takes a bit of creativity. 

Don’t Forget to Take Breaks

As a homeschooling family of a kinesthetic learner, don’t forget to take breaks. This is the chance for your kid to get outside and use their hands in between lessons. Taking breaks is refreshing for a kinesthetic learner because it’s hard for them to sit still. Breaks are also good for mom or dad because trying to keep the attention of a hands-on learner can be very difficult. However, this is one way of encouraging the kinesthetic learner in your homeschool.

Let Your Child Lead the Lesson

If this is an outdoor lesson or a scientific experiment or anything else that allows the child to lead the lesson, let them do it. Being hands-on usually means your child has a lot of energy and creativity. Allow them to use their gifts to teach you for once. I think you would be encouraged to know you’re doing a great job and your child is learning thanks to your diligence in teaching them with their learning style.  

Understanding the Strengths of a Kinesthetic Learner 

In order to encourage the kinesthetic learner in your homeschool, you really need to understand their strengths. These types of learners have many strengths, such as great hand-eye coordination, awesome at experiments, amazing motor memory, and so much more. Your homeschooler may have different strengths, but it’s what makes them unique and helps them become who they were meant to be! 

Encouraging the kinesthetic learner in your homeschool may be easier than you thought. Take these tips and apply them to your homeschool. As time goes on, you’ll get to know your homeschooler better and better. Teaching them will become a breeze because you’re meeting them at their level and teaching them with their learning style.

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