Finally a Fun Book Report

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My children love books. Love to be read to as little ones and as they learn to read to themselves, their love of reading continues. Our oldest is a very good reader, but until recently he didn’t like to read for pleasure. He read a new book series by Felice Gerwitz from Ultimate Homeschool Radio.

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These books not only peaked his interest, but helped him see just how exciting reading could be. And what I loved about them, was the review questions at the end of each chapter. It really pushed him to read more carefully and work on his retention skills, rather than reading to finish.

I realized that just because he could read well, didn’t mean he was retaining the information. And I knew as we continued on with middle school, book reports and eventually papers were going to be required. So we needed to work on retention, as well as our writing skills.

That’s when this Book Report pack was born.

Of course, I could just tell him to write a summary of the book with 3-5 sentences. But I wanted his love of reading to continue to grow and not be a drag, so I began working on ways it could be more fun. How could I teach him the four different writing types, without making it seem like work.

This book report pack helps students develop their writing skills in a fun and imaginative way.

  • Summary page – this is a simple, straightforward page that teaches students what they will need for a book report. They must report the title, author, copyright year, publisher and then identify the main characters, setting and write a brief summary of the book.
  • Break down the book – this page teaches them to dig a little deeper and divide up the story into segments (first, next, then, last).
  • What caused that? – this section requires them to describe a cause, the event and the effect, preparing them for narratives.
  • Compare and Contrast – using a Venn diagram, they will compare and contrast two characters
  • Vocabulary – Many times students read books with new words or words of which they do not have a clear understanding, this page encourages them to stop and define those words.
  • Creative Writing Pages – the last set of pages includes several different ways to work on their creative writing skills in all four types – expository, persuasive, descriptive and narrative.

This 15-pack is designed for 3rd grade and up, to help them start working toward book reports and eventually research papers. Making book reports fun and exciting, is a great way to not only help students retain what they read, but also prepare them for more intensive writing.

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