How to Focus on Jesus All Year Long

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It's not too difficult to focus on Jesus at Christmas. But what about the rest of the year? Here is one way to focus on Jesus all year long. ::
One of my favorite things about Christmas is how easy it is to focus on Jesus.

Nativity scenes are everywhere. Families all over the world participate in advent activities that point the way to Jesus. Christmas songs fill the air.

Jesus-at least for December-gets the attention he deserves. 

Admittedly, there are plenty of things trying to take his place. The busyness of the season, the focus on Santa Clause and reindeer, and the pull of commercialism all seek to take Jesus’ place as the central piece of the holiday.

Nonetheless, Jesus remains. He is the reason we celebrate. I have no problem visiting Santa Clause with my children and singing fun songs about reindeer. I love giving gifts. But none of these things give me cause for celebration.

That role is reserved for Jesus.

Unfortunately, even though Jesus gets so much of our attention in December, many of us take our eyes off Him as soon as Christmas is over.

We allow the busyness of a New Year to shift our focus from the baby in the manger to our to-do lists on the fridge.

Today, I want to share with you one way to keep Jesus central in your home all year long: Start your day with your face on the floor. 

I began doing this after being challenged at The Better Together Conference put on by The MOM Initiative.

One of the speakers challenged each of us to literally begin our days by putting our faces on the floor in an act of submission. While there, she asked us to pray, “Father, I give you this day. Fill me with your Spirit.”

It was a simple prayer, but I’ve been doing it for six months now, and it has drastically changed the way I function throughout the day.

Before, when I became frustrated with my children, it was me who came out (and it wasn’t often pretty). Now, it’s often Jesus who spills out of me… Jesus, along with grace, love, and patience.

Before, when I went about my day, I did whatever I thought needed to be done. Now, I try to live my days for what Jesus wants me to do.

I’m far from perfect, but I have noticed a change…and it all began with one simple prayer.

Will you join me in saying this prayer each morning when you wake up? If you’re willing to give it a try, leave a comment on this post.

You’ll also be entered to win a mega-giveaway I’m doing as part of my December blog tour. All you have to do to enter to win is leave a comment on any of my posts this month (including this one).

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 About Lindsey Bell:

Lindsey Bell is the author of Searching for Sanity: 52 Insights from the Parents of the Bible. She’s also a stay-at-home mother of two, minister’s wife, avid reader, and chocolate lover. You can find Lindsey online at any of the following locations:

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Searching for Sanity by Lindsey BellAbout Searching for Sanity:

Have you ever looked at your beloved children and wondered, what in the world am I doing? Why did God trust me—of all people—to raise them?

Motherhood is the most difficult job many of us will ever take. Searching for Sanity offers moms an opportunity to take a breath, dig into the Word, and learn from parents of the past. In short devotions designed for busy moms, this book uses the parents of the Bible—both the good and the bad—to inspire today’s mothers.

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Lindsey Bell is the author of Unbeaten and Searching for Sanity . She's also a stay-at-home mother of two ornery boys, a minister's wife, an avid reader and a chocolate lover. You can find her blogging about faith, marriage, family, parenting and miscarriage over on her website. You can also keep up with her on Facebook, Twitter and Pinterest.

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This Post Has 12 Comments

  1. Thank you! This is just what I need. I am homeschooling two of my grandchildren. I will teach this prayer to them each day. Pray that I can teach them to give their life to Him.

    1. Ann, you have encouraged me so much with your comment. It’s so neat to see grandparents changing the lives of their grandchildren!

  2. This is a great idea!! I too do what I think needs to be done daily instead of focusing on what Jesus wants me to do. I’ll definitely be willing to give this a try daily and I pray that it’ll help me to focus on Jesus daily!!

    1. Amber, I hope it changes your life as much as it’s changed mine! Thanks so much for commenting:)

  3. I want to try this! I need God’s Spirit to take control of my days.

    1. I think it’s something we all need, Heather! I know I do at least:) Merry Christmas and thanks for commenting.

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