Getting Your Kids in the Word: Bible Study Resources for Little Ones & Youth

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Getting your kids in the Word of God is our most important job as a parent. But it’s not always easy. Especially when it comes to the little ones in the house. So today I have gathered some resources of my favorite Bibles and Bible Studies for Preschoolers and Young Readers. These resources are geared toward toddlers through 10 years old.

This is my list of our family favorites for Bible Study Resources for Toddlers through age 10. Use this list to help your kids start their own Quiet Time. ::

But first, I’m sharing some Bible Study Resources for Teens and Older Kids over at Intoxicated on Life. Those resources are primarily for kids 10+. So if you have children of that age, head on over to check out the list I have for them.

I know what you’re thinking…non-readers need a Bible? Of course they do! Just because they can’t read, doesn’t mean they can’t learn God’s Word. It also doesn’t mean they only need a picture Bible. Putting phrases, stories and God’s Commandments into words they understand is helpful and can teach them early on that God’s Word is relevant to them – not just adults. So here are my top picks for Bibles for the young and non-readers.

Bibles for Preschoolers and Young Readers (preschool – 10 yrs)

The Day by Day Begin-to-Read Bible is perfect for those young readers still gaining confidence in reading on their own. With one story a day, this book will help instill the importance of reading God’s Word on a daily basis at a young age. This Bible is recommended for ages 4-8.

The Day by Day Kids Bible: The Bible for Young Readers will lead children through the Bible in one year in only 7 minutes a day – perfect for young readers. This Bible helps bridge the gap between the preschool Bibles and Bibles with full Scriptures because they are simplified for the younger readers. This Bible is recommended for ages 7-10.

My First Study Bible is perfect for those young readers, ages 6-10. This study Bible mimics the adult ones complete with sidebars and additional information and details as they read through the adventures of the Bible.

After you have a Bible you are comfortable with for their age, it’s time to find a Bible Study that’s suitable. Is a Bible study really necessary for young children? Yes, I believe it is. Why? Because it is important to instill a love of God’s Word and begin a habit of reading and meditating on His Word at an early age. The earlier the better in my opinion! I was never discouraged nor encouraged to read God’s Word daily and I still struggle. I’m not saying this will guarantee they keep the habit, but it is the best way to make sure they know the importance of God’s Word and direction in their life!

Write Through the Bible Junior
Bible Studies for Preschoolers and Young Readers

The One-Year Book of Devotions for Preschoolers pairs a cute illustration with a short Bible verse and devotional thought that will help get your child talking. These simple truths of Scripture will forever be embedded in their minds as they grow. It is also a great way to get them started on a daily routine with God’s Word. There is also a second volume in this series.

The Five-Minute Bible Devotions for Children: Stories from the Old Testament and Five-Minute Bible Devotions for Children: Stories from the New Testament series are a great way to get started with young ones. This series is geared toward 4-8 year olds. Rather than reading from Scripture, which you can add in yourself, these devotionals briefly retell stories from the Old and New Testament. They include a lesson that relates to situations kids face in their own lives. Questions, which help to reinforce the story and lesson, a short prayer and a Bible verse are also included.

Day by Day Devotions: A year of  character building devotions for kids is perfect for those 6-10 year olds who are starting to branch out on their own. These 7 minute devotions have a recommended Scripture passage to read, a brief discussion and a prayer each day. Also included are 4-5 weekly activity ideas to help reinforce what they are learning.

My Book of Devotions: A guide for parents and kids is a great series on a variety of topics. We have the Obedience and Forgiveness books and are really getting some good use out of them with our oldest. Each day offers a short devotion on a specific area within the topic of the book, a Bible verse, a thought for the child and one for the parent and finally, a relative prayer that will help them in that area for the day. Topics include Obedience, Forgiveness, Self-Control, Attitude, Patience, Sharing, Kindness and Honesty.

Jesus Calling Bible Storybook is a wonderful children’s devotional geared toward ages 3-7 years. Sarah Young has carefully selected stories, coupled with vibrant illustrations to make the Bible really come to life for children. This devotion will help young readers learn and understand God’s plan of sending his only Son, Jesus Christ, to save his children here on earth so they may come to live with Him in heaven.

Although The Power of a Praying Kid is not a “devotional” as such, I think it is warranted. Prayer plays such an important role in our walk with God, that I think this book is worth adding to this list. And sometimes, I think children might just need some added confidence in knowing that their prayers are heard and important to God.

The Story for Children: A Storybook Bible (ages 4-8) and The Story for Little Ones (ages 2-5) are storybook versions of the Bible. We have both of these and my children love them. I use The Story for Little Ones in my Sunday School nursery class and it’s perfect. The stories are definitely abbreviated, but the heart of the story is still in tact. The children love the colorful illustrations and the length of the stories are perfect for their short attention spans.

Bible DVD’s for Children

While I don’t want to be the parent that uses videos to teach my children about God and life lessons, I do think they can aide in their learning. Children learn through actions and movement. Videos are a way that can provide them some great learning, but also you some time to breathe – even if just for a moment. Here are some of our favorites.

Friends and Heroes is a new favorite around our house. I reviewed their homeschool curriculum recently and included in the set is a DVD. My kids thoroughly enjoyed the movie and even asked to watch it again and again. It was solid in it’s references to the Bible and in keeping the truth of the story.

The Kids 10 Commandments have been a favorite in our house for a long time. We actually own them on VHS, but I’m thinking of getting a DVD set since the tapes are starting to wear out. My kids love these videos and the adventures they have throughout the movie.

Dreamworks has produced a couple of Bible story movies that our children also like. Yes, these have some variances from the Bible, but nothing that I believe will hinder or derail their faith. Check out Joseph: King of Dreams and Prince of Egypt.

Another favorite in our house are the Veggie Tales videos. We have a number of them on VHS as well as DVD. One of the kids’ favorites is Jonah, which is a full-length movie. Their movies are a great way to introduce principles of the Bible to kids in a fun way.

I have heard great things about the What’s in the Bible? video series. While I have only seen trailers and a portion of one video, this is one set that is on my wish list for the kids!!! They seem so fun and I love that they are inquisitive in nature.

What are some of your favorite resources for Little Ones and Young Kids?

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Annette has been married to her husband and best friend since 2003. Together they are raising their six children to follow the Lord’s will, no matter what. Annette longs for the day when she will meet all her angel babies who have entered heaven before her. She enjoys creating fun and engaging printables, unit studies and curriculum for homeschool families. You can follow her crazy life at In All You Do where she blogs about marriage, parenting, and homeschooling all while maintaining her sanity. She is also the owner of Thrifty Homeschoolers, where she shares free printables and resources from around the web as well as deals on curriculum and homeschooling resources. You can also keep up with her via Facebook, Twitter, Instagram and Pinterest.

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