New Curriculum picks for 4th grade

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Even though we have been a year-round homeschooling family, this summer’s activities did not give us that option. So for the first time in several years, we found ourselves with a “real summer break” from school.

4th Grade Homeschool Curriculum Choices
Which is a good thing, since I am just now getting around to organizing and actually purchasing our curriculum. While most of our choices are remaining the same as in years past, there are a few additions I will be including this year. I don’t want to overwhelm Mister Bull with school work, but after having him take the IOWA test this past Spring (more on that later), we have a better idea of areas we need to work on and improve.

With that being said, I have finally narrowed down our curriculum for 4th grade.


We will still be using Horizons Math 4, as this works well for him and he is used to the format. We also supplement with Daily Word Problems by Evan-Moor.


We have been doing minimal geography so far with Daily Geography by Evan-Moor. We will continue with this, but we will also be adding 50 States and Where to Find Them by Kathy Jo DeVore. I was blessed with a copy for review purposes and fell in love with it immediately. I love the ease of the book and the simplicity with which the material is presented. I love the fact that it is not just about memorizing dots on a map, but includes information about each state – including it’s capital, motto, state bird, state flower and state tree. It gives a brief history of the state, some fun facts and trivia and recommended reading and mapping exercises. While we have not been a Charlotte Mason homeschooling family, I am totally in love with this style of learning and this book! I had Mister Bull read through the first couple of pages just to see what he thought. He actually asked to read more! He loved it!! He did tell me, “I’d give 4-stars, Mom.” When I asked him why only 4, he said “because it  says I have to do mapping exercises.” Haha I guess that’s a boy for ya! But truthfully, I will be surprised if he doesn’t like the mapping portion once we actually do the full reading and activities. He really does enjoy mapping…promise!

Handwriting & Spelling

We love A Reason for curriculum in our house. This year we will be using Spelling level D and Handwriting level D – Cursive. I love the Bible references and that it just adds another dimension to our Bible studies. BONUS!!


We did not get to complete as much as I would have liked of our Science curriculum from last year, so we will pick up with that and continue on. The goal is to complete both Flying Creatures of the Fifth Day and Swimming Creatures of the Fifth Day both by Apologia. We use the journaling notebooks and have loved them, so those will also be included!


We will primarily be using our Mystery of History curriculum, but adding in some mini or short unit studies over the course of the year. One that I am excited to add into our studies is the Spies of the Revolutionary War by Jan at New Millenium Girls. While this is primarily a lapbooking study to promote and increase creative writing, Mister Bull can use it as a jumping off point for more historical studies as he wants. Again, I was blessed with a review copy and had him read the first section. He was so excited about it and ready to jump in to the writing activities. I can see this will be a great addition to our studies!! I love that it is only 6 unit lessons, so we will most likely do this during our break weeks, to give him something fun yet educational to do. I love that this is perfect for this age level – what 4th grader doesn’t love spies?! I also love that this is not just a way to peak their interest in history, but also in creative writing. Jan has done a fabulous job of mixing the two and making it relevant for this age group.


There are several Family Bible studies we are going to take advantage of this year during our morning devotional times. But, I am also going to start Mister Bull on his own quiet time by utilizing several different resources. First, Dragons of the Bible from Homeschool Copywork is top on my list. Mister Bull loves all things Dragons, so this is going to be a HUGE hit with him. And how cool to learn about the Bible through Dragons! Next on the list is Bible Road Trip: Year One by Danika Cooley of Thinking Kids Blog. This was another item I was blessed to review. I was given the ebook curriculum as well as the Lower and Upper Grammar Notebooking Journals. First, let me say how much I love this format. While this is a 3-year program, it is only a survey of each book in the Bible. So, we may or may not follow the 3-year format and expand where we want or need as the weeks progress. But, that’s the joy of homeschooling, right?! There are some additional resources needed, so there is a little more cost involved. However, I like that they are used throughout all three years, so it’s still a one-time purchase for 3 years of curriculum. I wasn’t sure about the notebooking journals, but I love the format for them as well. They are very similar to our journals for science. The Lower Grammar journal is a little to much for my younger ones right now. But, we can and will draw pictures that depict the lessons and stories we are reading from the Bible to help them remember. I will also do my best to find coloring pages to use for them. BUT…as their writing skills progress and improve, we will definitely utilize the notebooking journal. As for Mister Bull, he will most definitely be using the Upper Grammar Notebooking Journal. The layout is the same as the Lower Grammar, but with plain lines for writing instead of large manuscript lines. I love how the lessons can be stretched out over a couple days each week, but they are still customizable to fit your needs.

Physical Education

Last year, Mister Bull participated in a weekly gym class and we utilized the basketball goal in the church parking lot next door, so we didn’t actually do the P.E. curriculum I purchased last year. BUT…after the long winter we had I am most definitely putting it back on our list! So we will be using the Horizons Physical Education for 3rd-5th grade book. While many of the activities are geared for that age group, I think we could make most of them work for all the kids! BONUS!!

Electives and Extras

I am debating on using this Keyboarding for the Christian School for Mister Bull. He really needs to learn some typing skills now that he’s getting older.

Art – As I mentioned last year, I’m not a crafty person. Get me started and I’m fine, but teaching art is not high on my list of favorite things to do. So, we will again be using Mike’s Inspiration Station Art Instruction DVDs. We did a couple lessons last year and then let it go by the wayside.

Greek was not to be had last year either. But, I think this year just might be the year. We will take it slow and involve the younger ones in our reviews and studies to see if that helps us at all. We will be using Elementary Greek, Year One – Workbook, Audio Companion, Flashcards and Textbook. The only thing you will need multiple copies of are the Workbooks for each student. We have three – one for Mister Bull, me and my husband to use as a review with us.

We will also be adding in some fun with American Sign Language for Kids. I know just enough to be dangerous and I love to interpret songs at church for special music, but I want my kids to know and love it too. They love watching me on stage at church and are very interested, so I think this will be a great fit this year.

We will also use the {free} printables I create for you all each week. My little ones love the coloring pages and the Draw & Write pages. Mister Bull enjoys the fun writing prompts and puzzles. So those will be well used this year, which means new ones will be coming out too!!

What are your choices for this year? Do you see any of yours on this list?


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  1. I love seeing what others are use in their homeschool. Great list! We are doing Swimming Creatures this year too.

    I just posted our list today as well!

    1. I do too!! It’s so fun to see and build relationships with those using the same curriculum! I will have to check yours out, @slavila:disqus!

  2. Keyboarding for the Christian School is very nice! Dragons in the Bible Copywork is a hit over here with my boys! They love the variety of dragon pictures. Have a great year! 🙂

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