Passing on our Faith through Teachable Moments

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“Wow, Mama! You know everything!” my five-year-old excitedly exclaimed after I was able to answer one of her many questions for the day. I have to admit it was a good feeling to be admired and appreciated. It’s nice to know that she has such confidence in me. However, setting ego aside, I also recognized it as a chance to direct her to the One Who really has all the answers. I told her that it might seem like I know a lot, but only God knows everything.

Day 24: Show them the Way: Passing on our Faith through Everyday Teachable  Moments is important to help our kids grow in their own faith. ::

Our children reflect what we show them through our actions, not merely our words. They soak up the lessons around them, whether we are intentionally teaching them something or just showing them by example, for better or worse.

Where to Start

Parenting intentionally and passing on our faith by example requires being fully in the moment of these little everyday chances to build their character.

Here are some things to consider:

Look for the teachable moments. Making things apply to their everyday life through object lessons helps the meaning stick with them. It shows them that faith is more than just a belief or words to say, it’s a way of life.

Provide strong Christian role models for examples. I like to share examples of strong Christian women with my daughters, both from the Bible and in more recent history. Some of the resources I like to use are the Torchlighters animated series on DVD and the Lightkeepers series of books by Irene Howat. These women of faith provide them with positive role models in an ungodly world.

Read the Bible together. Memorize verses together. If you make it an enjoyable family activity, it will be a time to look forward to together. Those special family moments will be great memories for a lifetime.

Words to Live By

If we expect them to pay attention, we must pay attention.

If we expect them to show respect, we must show respect.

If we expect them to respond with thankfulness, praise, and prayer in all of life’s circumstances, we must show them through our own actions, not just words.

If we expect them to read God’s word, we must read the Bible in front of them.

If we expect them to be patient, we must show them patience in our parenting.

If we expect them to value love, mercy, and compassion, we must exhibit these qualities in our daily lives.

If we realize that teachable moments happen every day, we can pass on our faith to our children by example and build a legacy worth remembering.

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