Printable Multiplication Flashcards (1-12)

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We have been using CTCMath for nearly 18 months now and we are still just as in love as we were in the beginning. All four of our homeschooling children use this program and are succeeding, more than I ever thought possible. As I’ve mentioned before, I took advanced math in high school, but that did little to prepare me for teaching it to my own children.

I remember practicing my math facts over and over, so I had them memorized. These printable Multiplication Flashcards includes all facts for 1 - 12. Since these are designed to be double-sided, it is recommended that these be printed on cardstock, so that the answers do not show through. ::

Our oldest has always been advanced in math. But he has far exceeded my expectations this year and we owe it all to CTCMath. He is just 12 years old and “technically” in 7th grade, but last week he started Algebra 1 lessons. That literally blows my mind. He may not be the smartest 12 year old, but he is definitely more advanced than those in a traditional 7th grade setting. However, it is only because of CTCMath that he has been able to excel in math at his own pace.

Our youngest daughter has been working through the Kindergarten curriculum and is doing very well. But it is our middle two children who have shown the most improvement using this program. Our son didn’t like math, because it didn’t come easy for him. However, since our switch to CTCMath last year, he has consistently improved.

This year our middles have been working through the 3rd grade curriculum. They have mastered their addition and subtraction facts and are now working on their multiplication facts. Although those have proven to be more difficult to learn, they are determined. Since my husband now helps with the homeschooling, he decided to make some simple flashcards to help them learn and master their multiplication facts (1-12).

These printable flashcards are designed to be printed double-sided. We couldn’t get our printer to cooperate with cardstock, but that is what I recommend. Even though the answers are in a light grey font, they can still be seen slightly when holding up a card.

If you’re looking for a new math curriculum or one that will help your children excel, we cannot recommend CTCMath enough. And now they’ve made it even more fabulous by adding 190+ new lessons across all grades K-12. Sign up through this link

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